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About an hour had passed and I was sat in the kitchen. Ace's hoodie was so big on me, the sleeves were too long for my arms but it smelt like Ace so I guess that's a plus.

I finally worked up the courage to get up and walk into the living room. They were all drinking, including Ace. I waddled in awkwardly, hoping not to grab anyone's attention. The only free spot was next to Kaylo, I wonder whyyyy?.

I sat next to him uncomfortably, I could see that Ace didn't like that I was sitting next to him. I watched Ace take a sip of his beer bottle with a stern look plastered on his face. Kaylo stared at me while Ace was distracted, talking to one of his friends. Kaylo moved his hand onto my thigh; I felt like throwing up. "Get your hand off my thigh" I hissed quietly to Kaylo, trying not to draw attention to us. "Mm I think I'll leave it there, maybe even go a big higher" I squirmed as Kaylo's hand moved from near my knee to my mid thigh. Ace was still distracted.

Ace was about to look over but Kaylo made sure he moved his hand away from my leg. I looked towards Dante who had saw it all....atleast I think. Dante looked pissed.

"So who are you guys bringing to the ball?" Ice chuckled, he was obviously drunk, most of them were including Ace I think. "Probably one of my sluts" a guy replied. "Don't call women sluts, it's gross" I scolded the guy and before he could reply, Ace threw him an angry glare.

"Actually, I'm bringing a girl that I'm in love with , you guys will finally get to her meet her" Dante smiled, love struck . There was a few more answers. One that stuck out was "Mafia over love". Is that really how they trained everyone?.

"Ace" Ice said, grabbing Ace's attention. "Who are you bringing?" Ice questioned him curiously. "Don't know" Ace shrugged carelessly. I saw Ace glance at me before looking back down at his bottle. "He never picks anyone to bring, it's always his dad who chooses" some guy complained. "Have you got a problem with that" Ace snarled at the anonymous remark.

"Why don't you go with Sofia" Dante asked Ace teasingly. "Shut up Dante" Me and Ace hissed at him, at the same time. Dante chuckled and everyone else was confused; Dante was the only one who had saw us dance.

"Why is Sofia even here?" Someone chirped. "Another one of Ace's sluts I'm assuming, she is wearing his clothes" Ice chuckled staring at me. Everyone was now staring at me. "I'm going back upstairs" I shook my head walking out. "Aye, listen up, she's not 'my slut', she's someone who's stuck with me forever so if any of you upset her like that again or call another woman a slut, i will kill you. That includes you three" Ace announced to everyone, specifically threatening Ice, Kaylo and Dante.

I turned around to see Ace staring at me. "Dante get up" Ace snarled at him. "I'm being kicked off the chair" Dante clenched his chest dramatically as he fell to the floor. I giggled while everyone laughed at Dante. Definitely the clown of the group. "You, here" Ace demanded with his finger pointing at the free spot beside him. I shrugged and walked over carelessly as I knew that I'd rather sit next to Ace than Kaylo.

Dante struggled to get up so to make things worse, Ace kicked him over again. Everyone laughed . I watched Ace smirk at his friend but like everyone of Ace's slight smiles, it faded away instantly. Ace took another sip of his beer.

He was so attractive. He just looked flawless, it was almost annoying. I snapped out of my trance when Ace turned to me. "You want a sip?" Ace offered with a relaxed tone. I shrugged with a worried look on face, I was afraid he would make me drink. "Have you ever drank before" Ace questioned me. "You think I could risk drinking?" I smiled, rolling my eyes .

"Mmm now I see why your a virgin" Ace whispered causing the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. He snickered handing me the bottle. "Take a sip, I won't punish you....well atleast not in the way your thinking" he muttered the last part but I still heard it. "Fine" I sighed drinking from the bottle. I didn't like it, it had a sour taste. I made a disgusted face only to see Ace erupt into laughter.

I smiled at the sound of his laugh; I wish I heard it more. "She made him laugh" Kaylo gasped catching everyone's attention. "Mm I think Ace likes this one" Ice smirked at me. Ace was too drunk to even realize what they were talking about. "How long until he kills her?" Dante questioned Ice quietly. "I'd give it less than a month" Ice looked me up and down disgusted.

I was too busy admiring Ace's smile to even see they were looking at me. "What was that face" Ace laughed at me. "I don't know" I giggled. "Let me get you something nicer" Ace croaked before walking out of the room. I sat awkwardly until Ace came back . "Here" he muttered as he handed me a bottle of wine. "I think you'll like that more" he smiled proudly. "I need a cup" I muttered as I looked around. "My mouth can be your cup" Ace offered with a singular eyebrow raised. "You're too flirty when you're drunk" I warned him.

"Just drink it from the bottle, we won't care" Ace mumbled as he took another sip. I shrugged and took a sip of the wine. "This is better" I nodded. "I haven't had wine in so long" Ace swapped our drinks. Even though I didn't like Aces beer, I still drank it to avoid upsetting him. "Hey slow down!" Ace grumbled  while taking the beer off me. "I still don't like it" I mumbled, wiping my lips.

"Why'd you drink it then?" Ace asked me as he handed me the wine. "I don't know, you were drinking the wine" I smiled shyly. "I forgot to ask, why did you come to the school the other day?" I took a sip of the red wine as I played with the sleeves of Aces jumper. "I didn't want you to go cause I knew someone would hurt you" Ace rested his head against the chair. "My Prince Charming" I teased him while smiling. "I better be" he growled playfully.

A few hours had passed and it was now 2 am.

Me and Ace had finished the wine bottle. "I should probably go to bed" I uttered to Ace. "Yeah me too" He shook his head, trying to shake off being drunk. I went to stand up but nearly fell over. "Woahhh" Ace caught me. "Steady" he warned me, giving me a harsh look. "Yeah .... steady" I repeated innocently. Ace held my waist as we walked, incase I might fall.

We slowly walked up the stairs. "I don't feel good" I whined to Ace as I held my stomach. "Oh no" he widened his eyes as he picked me up and ran to the bathroom.

I got sick into the toilet, violently. Ace grabbed my hair and held it back. "Just let it out" he whispered as he slipped his hand under the hoodie and rubbed my back. I lay on the floor, exhausted. "Come on" he whispered , helping me up. He brought me to his room and I lay on his bed. "Just to make sure you don't choke on your vomit" he teased quietly.

I widened my eyes in fear at him. "I'm joking" he smirked as pulled off his shirt. He grabbed a pillow and placed it on the floor. "What are you doing?" I frowned at him. "Sleeping" Ace mumbled. "Sleep on the bed, why are you sleeping on the floor" I shook my head at him. He grabbed the pillow and put it back on the bed.

He slowly climbed in beside me. I turned over and faced him; He stared at me as I gazed at him.

"I hate getting drunk" I muttered closing my eyes. "It's not the best thing ever" Ace admitted. "Where's your dad? He's been gone a few days" I asked Ace, half awake. "He hosts the ball" Ace responded hesitantly. "Oh" I mumbled whilst my breathing slowed. "Do you want to go to the ball with me?" Ace suddenly asked. He had a calm and quiet tone to his voice. "Yeah, I think it will be fun" I smiled, opening my eyes. "Yeah, I think it will be" he whispered. My hand rested near my pillow.

"When I first met you, I thought I'd hate you" Ace admitted. "Ouch" I frowned at him. "You're not so bad" he teased me. "Yeah well you're the worst" I groaned at him. I saw a smile appear on his face, my eyes adjusting to the darkness of the room.

"You should smile more" I whispered softly, grinning at him.

"Go to sleep" he whispered gently. I shut my eyes but I had this strong crave to feel his touch. I slowly moved my hand , with my eyes still shut, towards his hand. If he didn't react I could pretend it was an accident. I stopped my hand because what am I doing?. He doesn't like m- I felt the back of his fingers graze my arm to find my hand. His hand stopped at mine , our fingers intertwining. I couldn't describe his touch; The way it made me feel.

I peaked over at him to see he had his eyes closed too. I smiled at him as I shut my eyes once more.

Holding his hand was enough for now.

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