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I jolted up from having a nightmare. Ace wasn't beside me and I couldn't remember much from last night. I remember drinking wine, getting sick and then he asked me to the dance. I tried harder to remember but it was mostly a blur.

I stared at my hand, remembering that I held his hand as I fell asleep. I blushed at the memories that came flooding back only to get a massive migraine. I held my head in pain as I heard heavy footsteps approaching the room.

Ace walked in. "You're awake" his tone was back to being blatant and lifeless. "Yeah" I sighed, my hand still on my head. "Everyone's gone" He informed me. Things were slightly awkward now between us, I could feel the tension in the air. "Pills....for your migraine" He tossed them to me. "Thanks" I muttered.

"I have to go some stuff for work, Dante is going to take you shopping to get your dress for the ball" Ace muttered while he searched for something.

"When?" I stood up, taking the pills. "In 15 minutes" Ace replied carelessly as he rummaged through his clothes. "Better get dressed then" I said before I strolled out and to my room.

I threw on a a tight skirt and loose top, attempting to do my hair in the process.

Dante and I had finish shopping quite quickly.

"I'm going to be honest because I don't want you to hurt him" Dante sighed breaking the silence while keeping his eyes on the road while driving. "Ace is warming up to you, we all can tell and it's a bit scary watching him be even the slightest bit vulnerable so I'm asking you, don't hurt him" Dante almost pleaded with me . "Never" I responded, not really sure what Dante meant by warming up.


I had food and went upstairs. I watched the rest of Divergent and Ace wandered in. "You always interrupt my movies" I glared at him playfully. "Good, it's probably shit" he teased, sitting on the end of my bed. "No it's not" I gasped in shock at how he could say such a thing. "You haven't even watched any of it".

"I don't like watching movies" Ace mumbled as he stared out my window. "Watch it with me" I tapped the pillow beside me, signalling for him to come lie down. "I should really get back to work" Ace grumbled as I could see him debating in his head. "Come onnn, I'll get snacks" I offered, trying to lure him into the dark side of pure procrastination. He was still hesitant. "Since when does Ace Hernandez have to work?" I gasped, lying in my bed. "I don't have to work" he made sure to emphasise the don't.

"Sounds to me like you do" I stood up and walked out of my room. "No I don't" Ace followed me. "Then watch the movie with me, would it kill you to be a teenager for once?" I questioned him, pouting as I grabbed snacks. "Fine" he caved.

I ran back up to my room and turned on the movie. "We're watching it from the start" I warned him. "You're one of those people" he glared at me. "What?" I frowned my eyebrows confusedly. "You never watch a movie all the way through" he groaned as he climbed onto the bed.

"Yes I do, you just need to watch it from the start to understand" I shook my head as I rewinded the film.

Ace lay next to me with his arm supporting his head and his legs crossed.

We watched the entire film. "Is there more movies, that can't be it!" Ace threw a pillow at my tv. "You liked it?" I questioned him in shock; I didn't think he'd actually like it. "Yeah, it's alright" he shrugged, playing it off. "There's two more movies" I smiled menacingly at him. "Turn it on" he shouted, making me jump. "Okayyy, no need to shout" I wanted as turned on the second movie.

My eyes were glued to the screen whilst I watched Tris and Four. Ace wasn't even watching the screen; I could see him staring at me from the corner of my eye. I glanced over at him. "Ace, watch the movie" I smiled softly as my attention went back to the screen.

The movie had ended and I glanced over at Ace who was asleep. I don't blame him, he does so much work.

I lay next to him, staring at him almost longingly. He looked peaceful when he was asleep. "Ace" I whispered and he didn't respond. He was definitely asleep. "Why do i feel like this?" I whispered as I gently placed my hand on his cheek. "I shouldn't be feeling this way about you, you're a bad man but you make me feel free; Ironic considering you're keeping me in the house" I stroked his cheek with my thumb slowly. I smiled softly at him.

I shut my eyes and fell asleep. I remember the door opening but I really didn't care. It was probably Ice checking in on Ace.


A few days had passed and it was the day of the ball. From the moment I woke up, Denice had me getting my nails and hair done. "What time is this ball?" I asked her curiously as I tapped my nails against the table. "It's at 6 pm" she responded, busy working on my hair. "How many people will be there ?" I asked nervously. "A lot" she snickered at my nervousness. "Don't worry, it's just our Mafia, our little get together we have every year. Something new happens each year so I'm excited to see what my husband has planned this time" she smiled excitedly.

I played with my hands as I bit my bottom lip anxiously. Her husband wasn't the kindest man.

I had finally finished getting everything ready and now it was time to put my dress on.

A few women helped me into my dress in my room

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A few women helped me into my dress in my room. I could've done it by myself but they insisted on helping the 'future Mafia Queen'.

They kept calling me that and I didn't like it.

"Ace is going to die when he sees you" Denice grinned happily walking into the room. I sighed.

"Kai came back last night and he's on his way home now" Denice warned me. "I love my son, but Kai doesn't exactly adore Ace" Denice expressed to me as she fixed the shoulder strap of my dress. "Why doesn't he love his son?" I questioned confusedly. "No one ever really likes the idea of someone taking over and taking their power, lets be honest" Denice smiled. "Just be careful darling, that's all I'm saying. Mafia Men are not easy to handle, especially Hernandez men".

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