Chapter 2

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What's your favorite song?


"So I was thinking maybe we could cut down on some of the babytalk." Ms.Ann spoke after a while of silence and my eye twitched.

"Kay." I shrugged not really  knowing what she meant by that and looked outside of the window and at the city lights. It was getting dark outside and the sun was starting to dim. "I'll try." I muttered and Ms. Ann let out a sigh.

"I'm just trying to help you stay in a good home. You're already 18 so they can kick you out whenever they want." She shook her head slightly and I nodded. "Which will be in a few days so.."

"Mmkay." I mumbled and she sighed harder. I know to her it seemed like I was just doing this to pull on her leg, but I simply just couldn't change overnight.

I turned in my seat to see Roo all buckled up and smiled at him. I wanted to hold him in the front seat with me but Ms. Ann didn't allow it. She thought that girls my age didn't need such childish items to keep them calm.

"Are we close yet?" I asked trying not to be too impatient but we had already been in the car for an hour or so.

"Almost." Was all Ms. Ann said before turning on her music. I sighed as we listened to old broadway musicals. I thought of all the different ways I could get her to stop the car at least once so I could stretch my legs.

"Roo has to potty." I lied and Ms. Ann gave me a look. I didn't say anything else after that I simply tuned out the music with a small pout and blew a loose curl from out of my face. I'd rather listen to something else, but Ms. Ann never lets me choose the songs. She did once but then she said the song I chose was innapropriate and not for kids to listen to, but it was much better then her type of music.

"Ugh." I groaned in boredom and started to play with the window. I made it go up and then I rolled it back down. When I started to roll it up again Ms.Ann put the car on childlock and the window didn't move anymore.

"Heyy." I whined and she sighed in irritation.

"Take a nap June." She spoke as she foccused on the road and I scowled.

"But I'm not sleepy."

When I woke up Ms. Ann was nudging my shoulder and we were in front of a very large castle. I blinked sleepily as I tried to focus my eyes on the large place. "Who's castle is this?" I mumbled sleepily.

"It's not a castle it's mansion and it belongs to the Lock brothers." Ms. Ann corrected and I tilted my head to the side.

"Who are the Lock brudders?" I pouted not really wanting to go into the huge house to meet all these strangers but Ms. Ann unlocked the door.

"They are your new foster parents." She spoke as she opened the door."Well until you mess that up too." She shook her head and pointed to the car door.

"Get out dear we're late." She sighed as she took out a small mirror from her purse and applied dark red lipstick. I stumbled out of the car and watched in confusion as my social worker transformed herself. She ended up looking like one of those mean ladies I see standing around on the street. They tried got in Mr. Lane's car for some kind of session and he made me get out and walk the rest of the way home. Ms. Ann took off her work jacket and revealed a skin tight sikly red shirt that was kind of see through.

"Come on dear." She sang a little and I giggled and tried to keep up with her as she basically skipped to the large mansion.

"Wait for me Ms. Ann!" I frowned after a while and skipping wasn't fun any more. To top it off I fell onto the fancy walkway pavement and scraped my knee.

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