Chapter 3

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I silently observed Sebastian as if he were a rare animal, and part of me was wondering if this was all just some big joke to make fun of me.

"I'm Seb."Sebastian held his teddy bear closer to him

"June." I mumbled shyly

"This is Ollie."he smiled as he made the little bear he was holding wave.  I had planned to say something back but my words got stuck again as usual. "H-hi." I stuttered stupidly wanting to go hide somewhere.

"She's a little shy, but she'll get over it." Ms. Ann smiled wider then usual as she grabbed my cheeks and I almost scowled at her. She's never touched my face before so I don't understand why she's doing it now. "Isn't that right dear?" She pat my head kind of aggressively and this time I did scowl.

"Stop." I muttered as quietly as possible not wanting to draw too much attention to myself. The less I said the less weird I seemed so I kept my responses to a minimum.

"Hey Ann I think we've got it from here we'll give you a call in the morning to update you on how she's doing."Theodore stepped in with a polite smile and Ms. Ann gave him a dramatic pout.

"But I thought I'd help her settle in and stuff." Ms. Ann added and Benjamin cleared his throat loudly getting everyone's attention.

"We'll call you tommorow Ann." he gave a small dominating nod that left no room for discussion and Ms. Ann sighed in disappointment before giving me a look as if I had somehow planned it all. "Fine."

A man with golden brown curly hair and dark blue eyes walked in carrying my things and I blushed in embarrassment.

I could have at least helped..

"Willyyy!" Sebastian beamed at the man covered in tattoos and ran up to hug him as if he were a harmless ladybug. He looked far from harmless yet his muscle suited him and didn't look too dramatic like those wrestling guys that I see on tv.

"Thanks William." Theodore smiled at the guy and his eyes flickered over to Ms. Ann and then back to him.

"Hey ma'am let me show you the way out." William smiled politely and Ms. Ann waved him off as she took off her heels and made her way out of the door mumbling something along the lines of no thank you.

I giggled quietly and all eyes flickered towards me. My heart started to pound loudly and I silently wondered if they could hear it. "Hi."William smiled and took a step towards me."I'm Will." He tilted his head slightly when I simply stared at him and then looked up at Benjamin and Theodore as if they had some explaining to do.

"She's shy." Theodore smiled and pat my head softly. I liked it much more when he did it and not Ms. Ann. His hand was soft and gentle and he was so genuine and it made me feel so small. "But that's quite alright." He chirped before walking over to my bags and helping Will carry them up the stairs. I watched them dissapear up a spiral staircase until a finger snapping caught my attention.

"Come. I'll show you to your room." Benjamin ordered with as less hospitality as possible.

"Wait! Lookit!" Sebastian squealed and when I turned around I nearly fainted. Sebastian was making Roo and Ollie kiss. "Kiss!" He giggled and I quickly stumbled over to him and snatched Roo back holding him tightly in my arms.

"Mine!" I yelled defiantly as I felt my eyes starting to water. "My toy! Not your toy!" I sniffled not really knowing why I was crying.

I suddenly felt skeptical and overwhelmed. I had no idea who these people were and now I just have to live with them.

"June?" I heard a soft yet deep voice speak and I turned my head to see Benjamin standing on the bottom step of the staircase with a slightly confused yet amazed look on his face.

"Whats wrong?" He asked and I shook my head not wanting to embarrass myself even more but I'm sure he had already heard me talk. It was already done ...he knows...I bet he knows.

"Well why are you being mean to Seb little one?" Benjamin asked in a soft raspy voice and at that moment i knew there was nothing I could do to stop them from sending me away.

"H-him took my bear daddy." I sniffled as I hugged Roo to my chest." And..and...and den I takes him back." I sobbed mumbling inaudible words. I'm almost positive that he can't understand me. My heart nearly stops when I realized what I had just called him and it just made me cry even harder.

"Shhh don't cry. Seb just wanted to play that's all." Benjamin crouched down in front of me and poked the tip of my nose with his finger. I smiled a little and sniffled when he wiped my tears from off of my cheek. He had a new glimmer in his eyes and I just couldn't tell what it was and if it was a good or bad thing.

"Isn't that right Seb? You just wanted to play." Benjamin asked and I turned to see Sebastian standing in the corner holding Ollie on his arms with a small frightened look on his face.

"I sowwy." He spoke with slightly widened eyes and Benjamin shook his head.

"It's okay bud just next time maybe ask to play with someone else's stuffies." He warned softly and The boy nodded. "How would you feel if someone you just met took Ollie without even asking you?" 

Sebastian gasped and his hair fell into his face when he looked down and leaned his chin on the black bear's head. "My Ollie.." He whispered quietly and Benjamin nodded. "Exactly bud."

"Hey whats going on?' Theodore asked as him and William came walking down the stairs.

"Nothing I was just telling these two how we're having cookies after dinner." Benjamin rolled his eyes carelessly as if the last minutes hadn't happened and Sebastian cheered happily. Theodore looked over at me with a dimpled smile and I smiled back.

"How do sugar cookies sound?" He asked and I smiled when Sebastian basically roared in agreement.

"They sound pwerfect." I giggled forgetting about everything that I had promised not to do. Theodore looked at me in amusement before quickly glancing at his brother.

"Guess we better get to baking then."he smiled and pinched my cheek lightly.



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