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Ace walked around, greeting people. I just followed him like a lost duckling.

Fancy music played in the background and some people were even holding glasses of wine. It's weird to think Kai set this all up.

Ace finally went up to someone with a wife. "Ace" Someone smiled at him, shaking his hand. "Mr.Caldez" Ace replied with a hint of annoyance in his voice; Ace chatted to the man as I stared at his wife. She had a ring. "I'm Liz" she smiled politely. "I'm Sofia" I shook her hand. "So, how's Ace doing?" She asked me curiously. "He's good, he complains a lot" I rolled my eyes and she giggled. "You're brave, I like you" Liz grinned at me. "Thanks but I'm not that brave" I grabbed water off of one of the waiters as they passed.

"Would you not have some wine?" She asked questioningly. "No" I grinned sheepishly. "I'm only 17" I admitted. "Honey, we're all murders, no one will care if you have a glass of wine" she nodded. "Have you trained at all?" I asked her, switching the subject. "Oh god no, I couldn't take someone's life everyday, my heart wouldn't be able to take it" she shook her head. "Yeahhh, I agree" I muttered to her, probably not sounding convincing. She erupted into laughter but it wasn't a joke. I just smiled and blinked at her. How many hours do I have of this?.

"Are you trained?" She questioned me. "Yeah, mostly" I shrugged. "What was your first kill like?" she asked hesitantly. "Mine was okay because I had a reason to kill someone, they didn't die an innocent man" I admitted, throwing a slight dig at Ace. He wasn't listening though, he was too busy with business.

"So your husbands apart of Ace's Mafia" I asked. "Yeah well, it's hard to explain, see my husbands in affiliation with Ace's Mafia which means they are friends" she explained with a lot of hand gestures. "So we're not exactly apart of Ace's group because we like to play it safe" she admitted to me.

"If you don't mind me asking, what age are you?" I took a sip of my water. "I'm 23" she smiled politely. "How long have you guys been married?" I wondered. "A little over a year" she beamed in delight. "Come on Sofia" Ace called out to me. "Goodbye, it was nice meeting you" I waved. "It was nice meeting you too, Sofia" Liz waved back in response.

"Making friends?" Ace asked curiously, raising one of his eyebrows. "I didn't like her, she's a little too fake" I admitted shrugging. "Good because I hate her husband" Ace really emphasised the hate.

"Your father said that in the car he had something planned" I asked curiously. "He doesn't tell anyone" Ace shook his head. "Most of the time, it's violent" he looked worried which made the pit in my stomach grow. "What do you mean violent?" I widened my eyes. "Fights to the death, stuff like that" Ace shrugged. I felt all the colour drain from my face as I heard him speak. "I'm going to die" I panicked holding my head. I saw Ace smirk. "I won't let that happen plus that was last year, he has to do something different this year" Ace shrugged.

"Ok" I nodded, trusting him.

A couple of hours had passed of me and Ace greeting people. I made some friends which was good for Ace.

"My feet hurt" I whined to Ace as I limped after him. "This usually lasts all night" Ace warned me. "I'm not going to have feet" I gasped dramatically. "Come on, we'll go sit down" he had a soft tone to his voice. Ace and I walked over to the chairs. He sat next to me, watching me like a hawk. I bounced my knee up and down nervously as I played with my hands.

Ace stared at me and I knew without him even speaking, he wanted me to stop playing with my hands. I clenched my fists to stop fidgeting.

I still was shaking my knee nervously. Ace took his hand and forced my knee to stop bouncing from over my dress. I swallowed hard as I watch his hand. "You get so nervous so easily" Ace licked his lips as he stared into my soul.

"It's not my fault" I mumbled looking around. "Who's fault is then?" Ace wondered curiously. "My abusive father's" I stared at a guy who was staring at me. Ace tensed at the brief mention of my father. "You're probably right" Ace agreed with me for once, moving his hand off my thigh. "Yeah going home everyday, wondering if I had done anything to upset my father" I smiled slightly turning to Ace. "What was it like?" Ace asked hesitant to upset me.

"Awful, school was my only escape, probably why I keep insisting to go back" I stared at the floor. "Wow school, a library would be more interesting" Ace teased playfully. "I know" I giggled.

I looked at my arm and the bruise that was forming. "See what you did?" I scowled at Ace. "Mmm I see it" he nodded. "You're so mean" I pouted, pressing on my bruise. "Let me see it" he held his hand out.

I showed him my bicep and he grabbed it gently, examining it. "You'll be fine" he rolled his eyes. "You hurt my feelings" I glared at him. "I'm sorry" he muttered to me but with a teasing tone. I couldn't tell if he was being genuine or not. "You're lucky, no one's ever gotten an apology off me" he whispered, leaning towards me, inches from my ear. "My arm still hurts" I uttered. Ace softly grabbed my arm again and planted a kiss where the bruise was.

Shivers ran up my spine as the hairs on the back of my neck stood up. He glanced up to see my reaction. He knows what he does to me. "Thanks" I mumbled, not sure what to say. "Does it still hurt" he asked. "No it's fine" I almost whispered, not able to look at him. I could see him holding back a smile at my reaction.

I seen Kai staring us with a almost angry look.

"Attention, Attention" Kai roared at everyone, trying to grab their attention among the loud chattering.

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