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"Have I got your attention" Kai announced excitedly.

I spotted Dante, Ice and Kaylo with their plus ones. Dante was with his girlfriend, I'm pretty sure he told us loved her. I'm happy for him.

"All of you are somehow apart of our Mafia, from being apart of the main branch or being an affiliate" Kai was almost reminding them.

"So, remind me of our most definite rules" Kai smiled evilly.

Everyone started to chant; this shit was like a cult meeting.

"Mafia before love"
"Mafia before life"
"The only way out is to die"

"Die" I squealed at Ace but he didn't even flinch. He wasn't chanting either though. I could tell he was trying to foreshadow what was coming up.

"So after reading out our most definite rules, this is what this years event is about. To prove your loyalty, this years event or task as I would like to put it is........". Kai looked in my direction and mouthed, 'you won't survive'. Ace didn't see his father mouthing because he was too lost in thought.

"I want you to slit the throats of the person you brought here today, our first rule is that you don't let love come before our Mafia, so prove it" Kai hissed demandingly to the millions of people in the hall. I felt my heart stop as my eyes widened. I almost fainted. I felt like I was going to throw up; I'm going to be killed by Ace .

I could see even Ace was in shock. All the women erupted into tears, fearful of what would happen to them. I didn't.

Ace would probably be doing me a favour.

"We will start off with.....Dante Firmanch" Kai announced smiling sinisterly . "Oh fuck" Ace stumbled back, not believing what he was hearing.

People came out and lay down a massive tarp and a singe chair. Dante's girlfriend was practically being dragged to the chair as she screamed, trying to get away. I didn't want to watch this. Most people would have brought Prostitutes but Dante brought the woman he loved.

Dante was now pale as he was handed a knife and stood in the centre of the room with a crowd around him, staring at all of us huddled up in the corner of the room. My jaw opened as I watched the girl sob in the chair. Dante stared at the knife.

"Do it Dante!" Ice screamed at him. Everyone else was silent so silent you could hear a pin drop.

Dante tightened his grip on the knife and composed himself. "He won't actually do it, will he!" Someone shrieked. Dante walked up to her. "Please Dante, please!" she begged, screaming crying. She knew that running wasn't an option.

Dante in less than a blink of an eye, ran the knife along her throat. I gasped turning into Ace, hiding in his chest. Ace's hand held the back of my head, reinforcing my face to be hidden; He didn't want me seeing this but it was almost an apology. Blood spewed from the gash that Dante had created as the woman clawed at her throat, gasping for air. But in less than minute, she was on the floor dead.

A few men came in and carried her body away as Dante stared at the blood on his hand. "No hesitation" Kai clapped, he was an actual psycho.

Everyone was in shock. "Next up is Alex Adderson". Ice walked up. Ice's real name is Alex?. Why is he called Ice then?.

He grabbed the knife and slit her throat before she even had the chance to sit down. I whimpered in Ace's chest, hearing the screams. I could hear Ace's heart pounding in his chest as he kept his hand on my head.

I peaked out to where Ice was standing to see him wipe the blood off of his face. Dante was on his knees in the corner, praying while also crying.

Ace hadn't said a word.

A few more people were called. Men and women were killed; There was blood everywhere. "I'd be worried if I were you" Liz whispered to me. "Why" I looked at her nervously. "Ace is known for the most brutal killings" she warned me. Of course. I'm going to die brutally. Just my luck.

"Next is.....ah my son, Ace Hernandez" Kai smirked at our direction. "No" I whimpered looking at Ace who was about to say something but two men grabbed my arms before Ace had the chance to speak, pulling me towards the chair. I didn't fight them, or scream. I couldn't stop the inevitable. Maybe this was how I was supposed to die, atleast it wasn't at the hands of my father.

My heart always knew that my ending wouldn't be peaceful.

"It's an honour to watch Ace" a man cheered as Ace tensely walked behind the men. I didn't want to die but I probably should have a long time ago.

My eyes welled up with tears as the men brought me onto the tarp, my heels slipping on the blood. A tear streamed down my face as they sat me in the bloody chair. "No screams?" Kai sighed depressed. "Ace, make her scream" Kai played with him. Ace stared at the knife on the floor, drenched in blood. He slowly bent down and picked it up as my heart pounded in my chest. Ace locked eyes with me. I showed no emotion on my face, the only thing signifying I was sad was a single tear, rolling slowly down my cheek.

I could see Ace's eyes widen as he walked towards me, taking deep breaths. "It's okay" I nodded as I let another tear slip. "You have to do it, I understand" I nodded again as he approached. "Thanks for saving me, it was appreciated" my lip quivered as he stood infront of me. Ace didn't want to hear my words. I watched as his eyes became glossy. Was he tearing up?.

He put the knife to my neck. I took a deep breath and shut my eyes as I prepared for the worst. "What's taking you so long?" Ice shouted. "You're the Ace Hernandez" Ice screamed at him. Ace clenched his free fist, pressing the knife against my neck. Blood trickled from the pierced hole in my skin.

Why hasn't he done it yet?.

I opened my eyes to see clenching his jaw and frowning his eyebrows. I put my hand on top of his and urged him to do it.

Everyone watched in amazement at Ace. He was known for being the devil. Ruthless, Cruel, Cold, Sharp, Emotionless.

And yet, he struggled to slide the blade across my neck. I re-enforced his grip. "Do it" people started cheering him on. Ace was overwhelmed, I could see it on his face. "Do it" I whispered. Ace was becoming pale because even he realized he couldn't do it.

"Ace, what are you doing" his father whispered to him. "I can't fucking do it!" Ace threw the knife on the ground frustratedly as he backed away from me. Everyone gasped in shock at Ace who stood in the centre of the room with anger overwhelming him. "You don't have a choice" Kai snarled at him. "Sofia get up now, we're leaving" Ace demanded. "Ace!" His father hissed at him. I jumped up off the chair and Ace reached out to me. I grabbed his hand, trying not to slip on the blood.

Me and Ace walked out of the ball, both of us alive somehow.

2 chapters in one day, pretty good ☺️

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