Meeting Her

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Jungkook's POV

In front of the bathroom, we all talk about who is going to give her the clothes. Actually, we argue about it.

"I should do it, because I'm the only one who can't cover my bond with a jacket." Taehyung motions to his hand, where the soul string begins. It doesn't go far before crossing the wall.

"You could just put your hands behind your back, I just found out about her, you knew you had a soulmate." Jimin argues.

"Exactly why I should go in, because I've been waiting this long to meet her." I argue back.

"I should go because my worldwide handsome face is shining brighter than usual. And I'm the oldest." Jin states.

"But I want to go..." Hosoek says.

"Shut up." Yoongi says in a low tone that makes everyone listen. "Jungkook will go." Yes! "He has to wear sunglasses, which will attract more attention since we are inside, therefore, he will go. Taehyung can put his hands behind him against the wall, and the rest of you can cover your bonds with jackets. If I go inside, I would melt the floor more, which could put her in danger, and Namjoon needs to stay out here to tell us what is happening and how she feels."

We all pause at how much he thought this through. Go Yoongi.

"Great idea, here." Namjoon hands me the clothes. I smile. I'm about to meet my soulmate. Through a stall, but still.
I walk in. We have enough time because Jimin came up with an excuse, so that no one will come in.
I'm extremely nervous, and it isn't because I am in a woman's restroom, it's because the person that I've been waiting for years for, is a few feet away from me.

There is no noise at all. "Hello?" I say in English.

"Jungkook?" A feminine voice says.

My heart skips a beat. "Yeah, yeah." I laugh, extremely happy right now. I have a soulmate. "It's Jungkook."


"Hi." I mimic her. A few seconds go by, before I remember what I was in there for. "Ah, here. I have... clothes." I've never wanted to know English more in my life.

I hand her the clothes over the stall door. I see her fingers reach up to grab them, her nails are natural, trimmed to be square shaped. I amaze myself by how much I can pay attention to small details like that after seeing just four of her fingers. "Thank you."

"You're welcome. I will go.. now." I speak low.

As I start to leave, I hear a nervous, "Okay."

I'm in trouble. One awkward conversation later and I'm in love. This damn bond. I open the door, where they all are waiting for me to tell them what happened.

"Jungkook, that was so awkward." Namjoon cringes.

"Did she tell you her name?" Hoseok asks.

"No, but she knew it was me. Hyung, can you talk to her?" I ask Namjoon, recalling her saying my name.

"Sort of." He starts.

"She speaks Korean?" Jin urges.

"Not exactly. I can feel her ideas and emotions. I know what she's thinking, but it's not in a language." Namjoon describes. The small hope that everyone, including me, had is gone.

"Sorry guys."

I have to say I'm jealous. Not only can he feel her thoughts, but he can speak English too. I should've spent more time learning English.

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