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(Y/N), not being able to control herself, ran and jumped into Five's arms. He happily accepted and returned the embrace, being so deprived of touch, specifically her touch.

"You're here! And 13 again!" (Y/N) exclaimed, the smile never leaving her face, "But how?"

"Must've gotten the equation wrong," Five said, he never took his eyes off of her, "How are you still 13?"

"I-I don't know, I just stopped aging," She explained. Five didn't answer, instead he tightened his grip on (Y/N) and rested his chin on her head. Holding her felt so right.

Once everyone was inside, Five began making something to eat. He didn't want to leave (Y/N)'s side, but he was hungry. So she sat on the table next to Klaus, surrounded by her siblings.

"What's the date?" Five asked while making a peanut butter and marshmallow sandwich.

"The 24th," Vanya answered.

"Of what?" Five asked again.

"March," (Y/N) replied. She couldn't take her eyes off of him, it was as if she were scared he'd disappear into thin air.

"Good," Five said.

"So, are we gonna talk about what just happened?" Luther asked.

"Jeez, let him breathe," (Y/N) said. She was still peeved at Luther for accusing her and her siblings of their dad's murder.

"It's been 17 years," Luther said, ignoring his sister. Both (Y/N) and Klaus shared a glance with one another.

Five scoffed, "It's been a lot longer than that."

"Felt like it," (Y/N) remarked. Klaus put a comforting hand on her shoulder. Five then spatial jumped to the cabinet.

"I haven't missed that," Luther said to himself.

"Where'd you go?" Diego asked. Five jumped back.

"The future. It's shit, by the way," Five explained.

"Called it!" (Y/N) and Klaus exclaimed.

"I should've listened to the old man," Five said, "You know, jumping through space is one thing, jumping through time is a toss of the dice."

Five looked at Klaus, "Nice dress."

"Oh, well, danke! It's not (Y/N)'s this time, her's are too small," Klaus side. (Y/N) playfully rolled her eyes.

"Klaus, you're something special," (Y/N) joked.

"You love me, shush!" Klaus retorted, shoving (Y/N)'a arm in a joking manor.

"I do?" (Y/N) asked, raising an eyebrow. Klaus gasped in mock offense.

"Yes, my darling (Y/N), you do," Klaus said, wrapping his arm around (Y/N)'s shoulder. She rolled her eyes playfully and pushed him away. She then looked at Five.

"Five, how did you get back?" (Y/N) asked softly, not sure if he was touchy on the subject. He appreciated her efforts.

"Well, darling, in the end I had to project my consciousness forward into a suspended quantum state version of myself that exists across every possible instance of time," Five said. He glanced up at (Y/N) and smiled.

"Did he just use my nickname?" Klaus asked.

"That makes no sense," Diego said.

"Well, it would if you were smarter," Five retorted.

"Hey, (Y/N), I think your boyfriend's hormones are acting up," Klaus said to his sister, who blushed and rolled her eyes at him.

"How long were you there?" Luther asked.

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