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Grace rang the bell and all of the children came down for their meal. (Y/N) took her usual spot next to Five. He smiled at her as she stood next to him, he smiled back. Klaus gave her a knowing look, he had known about her feelings for Five the minute they developed.

Reginald soon joined the children, who were all standing at the table waiting for him to join so they could eat.

"Sit!" He said, so they did. Five sent a wink to (Y/N), making her face red.

Five suddenly glanced at their father, a not so friendly look on his face. (Y/N) looked at him confused as she wondered what exactly Five had planned.

He suddenly slammed his butter knife into the table, causing (Y/N) to flinch at the sudden noise.

"Number Five?" Reginald questioned, looking at Five quizzically.

"I have a question," Five said harshly. (Y/N) gave him a pleading look, practically begging him to stop whatever he was about to start.

"Five!" (Y/N) whispered harshly.

"Knowledge is an admirable goal, but you know the rules," Reginald said, "No talking during mealtimes. You are interrupting Herr Carlson."

"I want to time travel," Five demanded. (Y/N) placed a hand on his leg, trying to get him to stop, but he just pushed her away.

"No," Reginald said.

"But I'm ready," Five argued, "I've been practicing my spatial jumps, just like you said."

Five scooted out of his chair and jumped beside their dad.

"See?" He proved.

"A spatial jump is trivial when compared to the unknowns of time travel. One is like sliding along the ice, the other is akin to descending blindly into the depths of the freezing water and reappearing as an acorn," Reginald explained. This only angered Five.

"Well, I don't get it," Five said.

"Hence the reason you're not ready," Reginald put his drink down. Both (Y/N) and Vanya shook their heads at Five as he kept going.

"I'm not afraid," Five argued.

"Fear is not the issue," Reginald retorted, "The effects it might have on your body, even your mind, are far too unpredictable. Now I forbid you to talk about this anymore."

Five glared, then walked out of the room.

"Number Five!" Reginald yelled, "You have not been excused."

(Y/N) gasped as Five ran away. Panicked, (Y/N) created an illusion of herself in the chair and ran after Five.

"Five!" (Y/N) yelled as she didn't see him. She ran outside in hopes he would be there. Just as she got outside, Five was gone. He did it.

"Dammit!" (Y/N) whispered, tearing up.

As for Five, he walked down the street a few days into the future.

"Not ready my ass!" Five scoffed. He grunted as he once again traveled. But this time it was snowing. He remembered how much (Y/N) loved the snow.

The next time, however, when he traveled, he wasn't met with rain, or snow. He was met with fire and destruction. Any and all traces of human life had been stomped out. He ran back to the academy to see it in shambles.

"(Y/N)!" He screamed, hoping to hear her answer. She didn't. He tried again, "BEN!"

"DAD!" He yelled, no answer, "ANYONE!"

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