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To clear up something, last chapter, I may have put Logan instead of Lucas. So, Lucas is the Beta and I Changed the Gamma's name to Seth that way I wouldn't get mixed up. That's a mistake I made so please forgive me
Nicolette's POV
I walked out into this large house after seeing Lucas walk out, I decided to look around whatever this was. I look up in the hallway and saw detailed carvings into the ceiling.

I couldn't get the smell of Malcom out of my senses so I made an educated guess that this was his house. I realized I can't remember the last I had blood. I wandered around this large labyrinth until I found a large kitchen.

Compared to mine, there was so much more things I could do. I opened he fridge and saw three blood bags in the vegetable box. I smile and grab one and bit a corner out so I could drink it.

I shut the fridge and drink the rest of the blood. I realize that Malcom probably wouldn't want his house to smell like blood, but why should I care. I groan. My wolf wants me to work things out but I'm just done.

What the hell did I get myself into? My heart starts to race. I felt trapped. I felt like my feet were struck to the ground. Everything started to spin. I let out a scream and are something clatter and then I stopped spinning. My breathing started to slow and so did my heart rate.

I look to the wall next to me and saw knives sticking in them. I lost control again. I let out a string of curses and decided to go back to the room I woke up in.

I sat on the bed and saw shadows of the bars on the bed. I groan and said a quick spell that pulled the bars away so I could see outside.

I looked out at the forest and my wolf paces around in my head wanting to run through every inch of the forest. She wanted to explore. She felt trapped.

I kept watching, I saw wolves come in and out of the forest until I saw someone with red eyes burst through the trees. He had red eyes. Guards moved quickly and grabbed onto his arms. I focused my hearing to them and tried to listen to what they were saying.

"Where the hell is she," I heard someone shout. "I know you have Nicolette." My eyes widened when I heard my name. Who would know my name here? The way he said my name sounded so familiar but I couldn't figure out why.

"You're trespassing on pack lands vamp," I heard a guard say. I heard grunts and shouts.

"I know that bastard Alpha has her," he shouted. I looked closer and realized why his voice sounded so familiar. I let out a string of curses.

I burst through the window and shifted before I hit the ground. My wolf was so happy that she was finally released, but I had to take control or else Beck was about to get himself in trouble.

I sped up to Beck and the guards and tackled Beck to the ground and growled in his face. His face morphed to relief when he saw that is was me.

"Holy Mother of Blood god," he exhaled as he wrapped his hands around my neck and hugged my wolf close to him. He got up from under me and stood up and brushed his clothes off.

"Well gentlemen. I have what I need I'll be leaving now," he told them. "Come on Nicolette." I spotted some clothes further into the forest and I walked over there and shifted back and changed.

"I think you should leave," I whispered to Beck as I leaned on a tree. He looked at me as if I just told him my parents are still alive.

"Seriously Nic? I show up to your house and everything in you fridge is expired, and the windows are still busted open," he said. "Your scent is at least 2 weeks old."

My jaw dropped faster than it has ever done before. 2 weeks. I've been in and out of it for two weeks.

"Fuck," I scream. I let out a growl as it got louder as I angrier. I let out a roar and slammed my fist into the tree I was leaning on. My breathing started to calm down and I pulled my hand out of the splintered tree. I watched my blood roll down my arm and then the wounds closed up.

"Beck you need to leave now. And if I couldn't go with you anyway," I said. I hold up my palm and show him where I had slashed my hand open and gave Lucas my blood.

"You did not give them you're blood," he whispered. "Gods your so stupid," he roared.

"I think you need to leave vampire," a voice said. The voice meant to soothe me, the voice meant to tell me they love me.

"You bastard alpha," he snarls and charged at Malcom.

"Fuck," I whisper. I move quickly and placed my hand on Beck's chest right before he pounced at Malcom. I let out a growl of dominance and my eyes started to glow golden.

"Leave," I boomed.

"You can't be serious Nic. You're taking his side?" He asked getting frustrated.

"It's happened. I'm leaving in 1 month so you leave before the situation gets worse," I growl. He backed up away from me and huffed.

"Don't come back crying to me Nic," he said and ran off into the forest. I turned around and glared at Malcom.

"I can smell him in you," he said softly letting out a soft growl. I roll my eyes and walk off.

"And I can smell she wolves on you but I'm not saying anything," I say. He let out a growl and I make my way back to the building. I jump into the same window I broke and back into the room.

I heard a growl and quickly said a spell that bent the bars back before Malcom could also jump in. I slumped back onto the bed and waited till he stormed into this room.

I heard the front open and slam shut and his scent got closer and closer till the room door swung open.

"What the he'll do you think sending you boyfriend here is going to do?" He growls in my face. I roll my eyes and back up from his face.

"He's not my boyfriend. He has a mate and I have no way of contacting him so I'd recommend you get out of my face," I growl back. He lets out a chuckle but it fades quickly.

"Your pathetic little growl doesn't affect me little wolf," he laughed. I roll my eyes I felt myself start to get angrier.

"And what makes you think your growl affects me? Big, bad Alpha has finally met someone they can't order around," I said in a baby voice. "How does it feel Malcom?" I ask him as I get up and push him back.

"Your mate is a someone who is stronger, smarter, and better than you," I chuckle. "You've finally been beaten."

"I beat you out there on the field," he said starting to get defensive. My light chuckles became roars of laughter.

"You think I-I actually let you w-win?" I was laughing so hard that I couldn't speak clearly. "If I beat you in public, in front of your pack, I would have become Alpha and I don't do Aha shit. So, of course I let you win. It was a pity move." He let out a growl and I just laughed some more.

"Also I don't know if your Beta friend told you about our deal, but the second you mess up, I'm leaving and if you care about fixing this," I said pointing at him than me. "You should be careful. I could honestly care less about what you do but your friend seems really fixed onto our relationship."

"If you don't care about this," he said pointing at me than him. "Why are you still here?" He asked me.

"Because I rather have my wolf the rest of my eternal life," I said.

"Don't want her depressed or I might become depressed too."
So I was supposed to have this chapter out earlier but yesterday, everything deleted so I had to rewrite it.

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