thirteen: challenge

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You walked along the side walk. You beamed up happily at the sun, a small smile tugging up your chubby cheeks.

The sun kissed your tan skin making your cheeks red as roses. It was currently 9 am, and you were late to your training session. First day and you were late. You knew jungkook would not be impressed by this but you didn't really care. Who wakes up at 8 am on a Saturday? You found it absurd.

Happily humming you stopped in front of a gym. Gazing up, you pulled out your phone from your bag and looked down at your phone. "I guess this is the place"

Taking a deep breath and exhaling, you marched your way up to the door. Pushing through, you looked left then right and entered the gym. You clutched the sling of the bag tightly and walked over to the receptionist behind the desk. Well, you assumed the tall man behind the desk was the receptionist.

"Uh, hi" you spoke softly and the man gazed up from his papers and stared at you. You gulped and stepped a bit back.

"Hello, how can I help you?" he smiled widely at you his big eyes turning to crescents and wrinkling at the sides.

"J-jeon jungkook" you stuttered out to the man who quickly stood straighter at the mention of the  mans name.

"Oh, you here for JK?" You nodded and made a mental note that his nickname was JK (just to tease him). The tall muscular man walked out from behind the desk and beckoned you to follow him.

You stared wide eyed up at the man. You weren't necessary short but standing next to this guy made you seem so small. His broad muscular shoulders and toned back could easily be seen from the thin material covering his skin. The man was really handsome and you hoped to form a friendship with him. You needed someone to associate yourself with besides jungkook. Who better than this tall man with cute elf ears.

"My name is chanyeol by the way" he suddenly spoke, interrupting your thoughts.

"Oh, nice to meet you" you smiled up at him which he gave a smile in return. You walked with chanyeol and gazed around at the different equipments surrounding the gym. While you were admiring how big the gym actually was, you didn't realise chanyeol stopped and now stood in front of a door.

You looked up at him then towards the door. "His in there. His not too happy with you, but since its your first day he may go easy on you."

You highly doubted that.

Nonetheless, you smiled at chanyeol and thanked him. He left leaving you in front of jungkooks office. You swallowed the lump in your throat and urged yourself to just knock on the door. Time ticked as seconds now become minutes. You felt the heat rise in your cheeks and the audible beating of your heart hammering your chest.

You glanced at your left shoulder;the devil sat and on your right sat the angel. Your Angel urged you to open the door and apologise for arriving late but the devil however wanted you to leave and text jungkook that you were ill. You sighed, it was like having sky and robin on your shoulder. Shaking the fantasy off, you gently knocked onto the door.


You heard jungkooks muffled voice.

With a deep breath you inhaled, your sweaty palms opened the door. The door swiftly swung open and you stood frozen on your spot. You gazed down not wanting to look into the mans fiery gaze and took one small baby step forward.

"Close the door" came jungkooks low voice. You nodded and closed the door behind you. Shit, shit, shit! His so pissed.

Still facing the door, too scared to turn around, you stood still. You heard jungkook desk chair creak. You bit harshly onto your bottom lip and prayed to god for this man to not punish you for your wrong doings.

"Turn around y/n"

Slowly, you turned your body to face your wrath. Breath shallow, you gazed up at jungkook. He did not look angry. He looked surprisingly calm. Its a trap! The voice inside your head warned. You knew definitely well that this was just jungkooks front.  The calmness will slowly be  transferred. The devil in disguise will appear. Oh, how you dreaded your fate.

"Whatever is going on inside that wacky head of yours, what you assumed is correct" jungkook calmly stated, hands crossed over his chest as he casually leaned onto his desk.

"You're the devil!" You exclaimed. Jungkook rolled his eyes unfazed by your ridiculous answer. He isn't surprised what comes out your mouth anymore.

"Come with me" jungkook spoke and you stepped aside as he approached the door.

"Where are we going?" You asked and gripped your bag strap to pull it upper onto your shoulder.

Jungkook ignored you and you continued to follow the fiery head boy. Jungkook led you through the gym, up the stairs and into a room that seemed to look like a storage room. You entered the room and immediately began to panic. If this how your life would end with Jungkook murdering you at least you wanted to have a say on how you will be killed.

"Okay, if we gonna do this. Just a fair warning that I like being strangled...wait wouldn't it just be easier if you slit my throat? Maybe..." you paused and clapped you hands. "Slitting my throat will do. I don't think you would want to kill me with all this fat" you said poking at you belly.

Jungkook blinked.

"De fuck you say?"


"You know what never mind" jungkook whirled around and grabbed a scale.

"Huh, a scale. Quick enough I guess"

"Oh my god would you just get on the scale" jungkook yelled in exasperation. You mocked him by pulling a face and stepped onto the scale.

You looked down at the scale and you were shocked to see the large number on the screen. Looking up at Jungkook, you noticed a iPad in his hand and writing down the number down onto his pad. Nodding, he looked at you and shook his head slightly.

"Your overweight"

"Oh and here I thought I was skinny" you sarcastically piped and crossed your arms over you chest.

"In order to lose the weight you have to start eating healthy and exercising to strengthen your body. Which means changing your whole eating schedule and start dieting." Jungkook exclaimed looking down at his iPad and lifting the device to show you.

"This scale shows how much weight you can lose in a month if you stick to your dieting" he pointed to the graph on the pad. "I'll send you your diet plan as soon as possible and all you have to do is stick to the diet that I gave you and show up on time to your trainings we will have no problems in the future" he piped grinning.


"No, not really"

Jungkook scowled, "what? Why not? Its the perfect plan"

"I get that yes, but isn't it a bit much?" Jungkook frowned and tilt his head in confusion. "Hows it too 'much' it seems right to me. Look, y/n this is just mild stuff I'm giving you. Other people has extreme diets"

"You telling me this is not extreme dieting?" You asked tone shocked.

"Not at all." Jungkook shook his head. You raised your brows and eyes peeled. Jungkook chuckled evilly.

"You signed up for this, y/n. I told you I wouldn't be lenient" he smiled smugly at you and you smiled back.

"One thing you must know about me JK, I never back out from a challenge. So bring it on bunny boy."

And this is how your hell started.



When you supposed to be studying but like you don't wanna so you just wanna make your shysherbaes and *cough cough* bestie happy you just gotta update.

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