The house of dust

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"How could you do that?" Matilda yelled as soon as she laid her eyes on Ferry. "Bidding all your salary on a lousy basket. Do you think May is going to like you more now? She's only going to think you're more pitiful than before."

All three had decided to meet in front of Mrs. Jones's house that evening. After the story they heard at the festival, they intended to find something, anything that had to do with the Pride Mansion.

"We don't have time for this, Matt," whispered Ferry, sneaking against the big walls of the house. There was no light coming from inside. The garden was just as wild as it was when Mrs. Cobbs lived there, so they had to watch their steps. High grass, thick bushes, and old trees, they were all tangled and spread all over the garden, ruling over it in the kingdom of memories. Matilda and Ben followed. Ferry reached the back door and pushed it. It was open.

"Wait!" Ben whispered before Ferry could get in. "What if Mrs. Jones's daughter catches us?"

"We'll say we came to fix the shelves as I promised to her mother," said Ferry.

"Besides, she's sick, the poor girl," Matilda added. "She won't jump around the house. And we won't go to her room."

"That's right," said Ferry. "She won't even know we're here."

"I still think it's wrong," Ben mumbled.

"Let's hurry," Ferry rushed them. "Mrs. Jones is on duty at the tavern tonight, but still... Aren't you coming?" he asked Ben seeing no intention of him entering the house.

"Why would I? I usually keep watch. What if she forgot something and decides to come back?"

Ben was right. Only this time, Ferry felt awkward to be alone with Matilda. What if she remembered their kiss? Ferry hoped so bad that she'd forgotten.

"What is it, Ferry?" she asked as if she could read his mind. "Are you afraid to be alone with me? Don't worry, I won't hurt you. Although, you deserve it for all the stupid things you do."

Ferry got nothing to say. He sighed and went in. He turned on the flashlight and a pale light lit the room. He was wearing a pair of knitted gloves that felt itchy in his hands. He had forgotten Lavender's gloves at the edge of the forest, at the failed date he had with May, but when he came back to look for them, they were gone.

Now, they walked a small corridor where they stumbled upon several boxes and a lonely hanger in a corner. Everything looked dusty and deserted. When Mrs. Cobbs lived in the house, the air was still and the things were old. But now, they looked filthy.

Ferry and Matilda arrived at the parlour where once, the former owner of the house had told her life's story. In the dim light of the flashlight, they discovered the old and broken furniture covered in dusty sheets. A pile of logs was resting by the old fireplace where the fire had gone out, leaving the ashes behind, the only sign that the house was actually inhabited. Ferry almost stumbled into a bundle of sheets and blankets in front of the fireplace. Dozens of consumed candles were scattered throughout the room, on the floor, and on the fireplace.

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