November 5, 2014 - Celebrating 8 years of Wattpad

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Eight years ago, Allen Lau and Ivan Yuen met in the food court of the Vancouver airport and shared an idea that would grow into a community of 38 million people dedicated to reading, writing, and sharing stories (read the full story of how it all started on Wattpad).

Today is Wattpad’s 8th birthday, and we couldn’t be happier about having spent the last 8 years helping the world to share its stories. From all of us here at Wattpad HQ in Toronto, we’d like to thank all of you for having made the last 8 years so special.

However, the Wattpad Team is just the smallest part of what makes this community. If we took a proper picture of the Wattpad community, it would include all of you as well. Until we find a practical way to take a photo of 38 million people, we’re hoping you can give us a hand.

Help us complete our team photo by sharing a selfie on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook with the hastag #iamwattpad and telling us what Wattpad means to you. We’ll use the photos you share to compile a mosaic of Wattpadder photos, and we’ll share it with the community.

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