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Alexis's POV

After the manager stopped hyperventilating, he was supposed to think better.

He hasn't said a damn thing. 3 cool towels, 2 waters, and one mini fan later, and he hasn't said one single thing. He has just been looking between me and each of the members silently.

We are all sitting around him. At his second towel and the end of his first drink, Jungkook scooted up to me. He didn't say anything, but I knew he was there, I just didn't know why. The manager furrowed his eyebrows in concentration while looking at me, to my confusion. That's when I realized I was leaning into Jungkook. His arm reached around and in front of me, but didn't grasp me. I didn't know how that happened, but seriously, like I was going to do something about it.

So now here we are waiting for the manager to say something, while I'm nice and comfy against Jungkook's chest. I'm trying very hard to focus on the task at hand and not pay attention to how hard his abs are.

The other guys don't say anything about either situation, and the manager is just staring into space now. At least he was before he said, "prove it."

We just stare back at him. "Prove that you are soulmates." He elaborates.

Jimin gestures to the black spots on the floor.

"That just proves that one bond took place. What about the rest?"

"They were physical. The effects are gone." Jin explains.

"Are you sure you saw them on her and yourselves?" Is he accusing me of faking this? As if I can fake teleporting to a different country in one freaking second, really. He doesn't know that though.

"I'm not blind, I know what I saw." Yoongi says.

"I don't like what you're implying. You think she could plant seven fake bonds by herself, and fake teleporting?" Taehyung says a little harshly. "How does a blanket and pillow just appear out of nowhere?" He points to it.

I'm glad they are defending me, but they should understand that this is hard to take in. I'm a little pissed at his accusation, but I know he is trying to protect the boys, which I am very grateful for.

Many crazy fans would go through a lot to stage something like this. I'd actually love to see how a sasaeng would try to imitate this, personally.

"I just want to be sure that this is legitimate. Think about it. A soulmate bond with eight people and it's international. This is impossible." He states it as a fact.

"Sejin, ask the security guards, they saw it." Jin tells him without honorifics. Are they close, or is Jin getting annoyed?

Jimin sighs, "Is there footage on this floor? Maybe the security cameras caught it."

"Or the cameras used to record dance practice." Namjoon adds.

Sejin answers without pausing, "There are only cameras at the elevators, since you spend most of your time here. We don't want the possibilty of random videos getting out. The dance practice camera isn't here right now. Also, the guards may have been bribed."

I get my phone phone out and start dialing a number. I am extremely lucky that I fell asleep on my phone. If I'm going to teleport to a different country, I'm glad it did it with my phone.

"You think Alexis is like that?!" Jungkook shouts. "How can you say that?!"

"Jungkook calm down, he is just looking out for us. Once he realizes that this is real, he will apologize." Namjoon diffuses.

"Why does it matter if he believes us or not? I don't need to prove anything, he should take my word for it." Jungkook says.

"There has to be some way to show him." Hoseok thinks out loud.

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