Chapter thirty one

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Ashton's pov:
It's been a few weeks since Luna decided to give me a chance to make it up to her. Everyday I've been trying to make her smile, laugh and to just make her happy. I'm trying my best to take away her pain and to heal her heart. I'm trying to fix the broken pieces piece by piece. It doesn't matter how long it takes me as long as I have my angel near me and in my arms.

However, we haven't really had any alone time because the red dragons have been causing trouble once again with mine and James's gang and this time it's getting worse. Mine as well as James's gang members are all preparing for war. Everyone is always on guard and makes sure they always have a weapon on them at all times.

It's so frustrating. As soon as Luna finally gives me a second chance this happens. Why can't life ever be simple?

I snap out of thoughts when I hear a knock. I say come in and watch as the door opens revealing Luna. I smile and she returns one back. She walks up to me and into my arm. Luna rests her head on my chest and I kiss the top of her head happy that she's mine.

I'm never going to loose you ever again I promise myself.

She looks up to me and I look down making our eyes meet. I always manage to get lost on her eyes and I love it. Their so mesmerising to look at and to see the emotions flow through her eyes.

We just stand their looking into each other's eyes in a comfortable silence. I lean in towards her to give her a kiss but then I hear another knock.

I groan in frustration and she chuckles.

"Boss, the red dragons ambushed James's gang and need backup," one of my gang members inform me.

Me and Luna exchange glances at each other and quickly armour up.

We get into my car and sped off with my gang members following from behind.

We arrive and it looks like a blood bath. Me, Luna and my gang pull out our guns and join the fight.

During the fight I would sneak quick glances towards Luna to make sure she's okay.

I see one of my gang members struggling so I run up to him and help him. Once I'm done I look around to see if anyone needs help and I see my angel fighting the red dragons leader Nicholas. I watched as she kicked him off of her. That's my girl.

I got so distracted by Luna that I didn't see someone running up to me. They punched me causing me to stumble back. I gained my balance and finished him off.

All of a sudden I heard James scream out no. I turn towards him and I seem him looking at something with widened eyes. I moved my gaze to where he was looking and I saw my angel passed out on the floor and Nicholas pulling out his gun. I watched as he aimed his gun at my unconscious angel.

No, no, no,no...

I start running towards them hoping I would get to her in time but knowing my chance was very slim.

I heard a gun shot and I stopped in my tracks. My heart just stopped and I couldn't breath. I looked up to see my angel on the floor but she wasn't the one who was shot. It was a middle aged man. He jumped in front of the bullet to protect my angel.

I ran towards them and pulled out my gun. I shot Nicholas and watched as his body fall on to the ground.

When I got to them I looked at the man. He was breathing heavily.

"Tell Luna I'm sorry. Tel her I'm sorry I couldn't be the father she needed and wanted. Tell her I'm sorry for all the pain I caused her. Tell her I'll be watching over her and I'll finally join her mother. But most of tell her I love her." Luna's father took his last breath and his eyes slowly closed.

He saved her...

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