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A few days had passed and I was getting tired of being trapped in the mansion. Ace was always out working too so it's not like I could annoy him.

I grabbed the house phone and dialled Ace's number. It took a few tries but eventually answered with an unpleasant tone. "Hello" his deep, husky voice said through the phone. "Heyyy" I bit my bottom lip nervously. "Sofia, what's wrong?" Ace asked. I could hear some noises in the background. "I'm bored, can I go out to get food?" I questioned quickly, praying that he would let me out of the house for a day. I heard his frustrated sigh through the phone. "Take a body guard" He said exhaustedly, having no energy to argue with me. "Thank you" I squealed happily, cheering forgetting Ace was on the phone. "Oh- Uh bye" I uttered awkwardly into the phone.

"Sofia be careful!" Ace yelled through the phone. "I'll be the most careful person you ever met, ok bye" I uttered quickly, hanging up the phone before he could change his mind. I called Terry, Ace's personal bodyguard and told him that he had to come with me.

Terry was really big and muscular. He wasn't as intimidating as Ace though.


Terry was outside of the shop, waiting for me to finish shopping. I looked through the racks of clothes.

I noticed a girl next to me, also looking through the clothing racks. "Hey" she smiled. "Hi" I replied looking serious. "Can't find anything either?" she asked me, sighing desperately. "No, they have really weird designs" I scrunched my nose. She smiled at my words. "I think this would look very cute on you" she pulled out a really nice t-shirt. "Oh my god, that's actually cute" I gasped as I stared at the piece of clothing in her hand.

"Is there anything particular you're looking for" I asked her curiously. "Yeah, I'm looking for a dress for my brothers wedding, not anything too fancy you know?" She shook her disappointedly at the clothes.

"Oh I completely understand" I widened my eyes in response. "You have brothers?" She sounded surprised. "I have 5 brothers" I rolled my eyes as I smiled. "Are they cute?" She asked excitedly, making me giggle. "Not in my eyes".

"You seem nice, do you want to grab food before I stress about what to wear?" She asked. "Yeah, I was planning on getting food anyway" I nodded in agreement. "Cool" she beamed as I paid for the shirt.

"What's your name by the way?" I realised I forgot to ask. "I'm Cara" she smiled politely shaking my hand. "I'm Sofia" I spoke confidently, shaking her hand. "Sofia? I love that name" she chirped as we walked out.


Me and Cara eventually ended up leaving and I brought her back to Ace's mansion.

"Woahhhhh this is where you live" she gasped, staring at the giant house. "Yeahhh" I laughed awkwardly.

"Name and ID?" Ace's security guards asked Cara who gave me an unsure glance. "Oh don't worry, it's just security reasons" I rolled my eyes, trying to reassure her. Obviously I couldn't tell her the real reason why Ace had guards.

Me and Cara sat on the couch as we watched a movie and bonded about having brothers.

"My brothers always burp in my face" I giggled at Cara who was wheezing. "That's disgusting" she laughed. "What do you do about it?" She questioned disgusted. "There's not much I can do" I replied with a sad tone whilst looking at the TV. "I'll have to introduce you to my other friends, they would love you" Cara grabbed her phone.

I heard the door open and close. "Sofia?" I heard Ace's voice call out to me. "I'm in here" I responded to Ace, sort of nervously. Ace's footsteps approached to the living room door and soon after, he entered. I watched Cara's jaw drop slightly as she stared at him. "Holy shit" she gasped.

Ace didn't have a happy look on his face. "Are you ok?" I asked him worriedly. "Fine" he growled angrily as he glared at Cara. "This is Cara" I introduced her. Ace turned his attention from her to me. "Did you find any clothes you like?" Ace questioned me curiously. "Yeah, I found a few so they should last awhile before I need new ones" I nodded happily. "Good" Ace walked out.

"Holy shit! Your brother is fucking hot" Cara fanned herself with her hand. "Oh he's not- I'm her fiancé" Ace stated, interrupting me as he strolled back in. "He's my fiancé" I grinned awkwardly with Ace standing next to me. "Really? Oh so you heard me say- don't worry, not the first time I've been told it and certainly not the last" Ace cut her sentence off while cracking one of his knuckles; he seemed on edge but I couldn't figure out why. He probably just doesn't like Cara.

How did she admit that openly in front of him though?.

"How did you guys meet?" She wondered as she held her mug of coffee in her hands. "Through friends" we both quickly said, exactly at the same time. "Wow, that was a definite answer" Cara chuckled. I almost felt like high fiving Ace for reading my mind.

"I'm going to my office" Ace announced before strutting out. "Ok" I practically whispered in response.

"Wow he's fucking hot" Cara squealed. "Don't say that, it'll boost his ego and that's already big enough" I smirked evilly. "You guys seem like you get along really well" she had a confused look on her face. "Well yeah I guess, why?" I asked curious to see why we wouldn't. "You guys seem like polar opposites, he hardly spoke and didn't smile once" Cara said as she reflected on moments ago.

"Yeah but that's just who he is, it would be weird if Ace was so open with everyone" I thought out loud. "How long have you guys been engaged?" She questioned me. "A month-ish" I replied, taking a sip out of my drink while staring at the TV.

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