All About Her

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Yoongi's POV

It was hard to sleep last night. Usually, I stay up late making music because it makes me happy, but I couldn't go to sleep at all. It was hard to do anything, since she took up all my thoughts. I heard rustling throughout the apartment as everyone else stayed awake, probably with the same issue.

What's really bothering me, is that it's one o'clock in the afternoon, and she's still not here. We have all been waiting for her to come back since she left yesterday, and I'm worried.

I don't know if she feels that strongly about us, but as long as I can see her, it doesn't matter. We can work up to that. It is hard to know that your feelings for someone are caused by something else, but they are so strong that I don't want to fight them even if I could.

I imagine her laughing at Jin's story or defending Eminem, which was really hot. Her smile and soothing, mature voice. The most memorable moment though, was when she first walked out of that bathroom. I saw how beautiful she was and my heart raced. I instantly knew that she would own my heart as long as I live.

"Where is she?" Jungkook shouts angrily. Out of all of us, he is the most territorial. We all feel the same about her, at least I would assume, but he will always be the most aggressive. He may be brilliant, but he thinks with his heart, not his head. Especially when it comes to her.

"Do you think something happened?" Taehyung asks. Idiot! Don't say it out loud! I watch Jungkook and Hoseok, who are the most likely to go out and search for her blindly. They don't say anything, but Jungkook paces up and down the studio. 

"She is probably just late. It has only been one hour." Namjoon tries to diffuse everyone's worries.

"Why don't we just call her?" Jimin asks. I'd already thought of that.

"None of us gave her any of our numbers." I explain. Taehyung lets out a sound of annoyance.

I don't know if it is the soulmate bond or not, but not being near her is practically torture. I just want to see her. I want to hold her in my arms too, but we've all agreed to take it slow last night, to Jungkook's distaste. He wasn't thinking anything dirty, none of us have. We all want to hold her, kiss her, sleep together. But considering that she ran when the bonds went off, we all know that she is scared. I would never be angry at her, she probably has a lot of doubts, even though Taehyung, Hoseok and Jungkook weren't angry when she said she knew about the three of them.

If it was just one of us, we would most likely get an apartment away from the one we share and ask her to move in, but it's different with the seven of us. We don't want to overwhelm her. At least none of us have to get a separate apartment.

"So we forgot to give her our number?" Hoseok confirms. Jimin and Namjoon nod. We were too distracted with her to remember anything. "Did anyone tell the front desk to let her in?" He asks.

Shit. Jungkook stops pacing, and all heads turn towards Hoseok. "The manager probably did that." Jin reassures, mainly to himself.

"But what if he didn't and she came, but was thought of as a sasaeng, so she was kicked out." Hoseok describes. We pause for a minute.

Namjoon runs to his phone and calls the manager, putting it on speaker. "Namjoon?" Sejin picks up.

"Hey sir, did you tell the front desk to let Alexis through?" He asks.

No response. After a second, Sejin replies, "No, I didn't think to. Why, is she coming over?" 

Most of the boys leave the studio, going to the front desk. Namjoon, Jimin, and I are the only ones still here. "She was supposed to, yes." Namjoon responds.

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