Chapter two

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(Y/n) is jolted awake by a distant voice screaming her name from downstairs, groaning she rubs her eyes sleepily and groggily sits up in bed.
Immediately memories from the previous night hit (Y/n) like a truck, panic and confusion overtakes her brain as she frantically checks her wound. Not even a scratch. Bewildered she sits there in complete shock second guessing her memory, could it have all just been a dream? It can't be... she remembers the pain so vividly. 'Is this something to do with those men?' (Y/n) thinks to herself.

Without warning her bedroom door slams open making (Y/n) jump in shock, there blocking the doorway is aunt Gretta, face a deep shade of red, "(Y/n) you said you was going to make us breakfast this morning!" She squeezes her way into the room letting out an enraged huff. (Y/n)s attention is pulled away from the strange happenings of the night prior, all focus now on her aunt as she replies, "huh? I did? I never cook breakfast the morning after my night shifts tho?"

Getting redder aunt Gretta snaps, "Well You Did say that and don't tell me you don't remember! I've been waiting for hours, and now I'm going to be Late for the job I had to get so I could Feed You!" Aunt Gretta sheds her crocodile tears as usual, and like always they force their way into (Y/n)s heart filling it with a bitter, self loathing, kind of guilt.

While clambering up out of bed (Y/n) profusely apologises to Gretta, frantically saying how she'll get on it right away. However before she could rush out the door aunt Grettas sausage like fingers violently grip around (Y/n)s wrist and yanks the girls arm towards her inspecting it. "WHAT IS THIS?" Unsure of what she was shrieking about (Y/n) looks down at her arm, to her astonishment strange markings where etched into her skin, looking similar to a tattoo.

Before (Y/n) can even process these markings on her body Aunt Gretta goes off into deprecating rant, "I bring You into My home and this is how you treat My good will! You spend My hard earned money on this rebellious behaviour? What will My neighbours think of me? Even if you got this with money from working, you know that the money you make can hardly cover the kind of bills you should be paying to live here! To think All the good things Me and My family has done for you is met with such behaviour!"

(Y/n) opens her mouth to apologise but timidly closes it as soon as aunt Gretta starts talking again, "You'll be doing all the chores and cooking for the next three months! Also your paycheck will be put towards Our houses food and water expenses for the next four months. I can't believe you would hurt me like this, my sister would cry knowing her daughter did this to me! Poor sister! I'm so sorry Your daughter has done such a thing, don't worry I punished her accordingly, like any good mother would. (Y/n) go make breakfast, I can't bare to look at you anymore" 

Rushing into the kitchen (Y/n) holds back her tears as aunt Grettas grumbles about how she's such a entitled, selfish, spoiled brat loud enough for her to hear. Feeling like she's just committed the worst crime in the world (Y/n) takes a deep breath, tries to calm down and starts cooking a lavish, redemption, breakfast which is meant to partially serve as a "sorry for what I've done". (Y/n) reassures herself that she can also apologise later if aunt Gretta's still doesn't forgive her after this.

The food is neatly laid out on the dining room table, one by one everyone arrives at the table. First being (Y/n)s Uncle Tom who's sporting an almost skeletal figure, "took your damn time" he moans slumping into his chair at the head of the table and tucking in, despite his lanky stature he sure does eat like there's no tomorrow.

Not long after (Y/n)s younger cousin Daniel zooms past her almost crashing into the table like a tiny cannonball, without even acknowledging (Y/n) he starts shovelling food into his mouth by the handfuls. The grubby young boy around 13 has a similar body shape to his mother, large and plump.

Lastly Aunt Gretta and your cousin Stephanie stroll in together whispering and giggling. Stephanie is the same age as (Y/n) and is a balance between her two parents, neither too fat or too thin, she has a great pride in the up keep of her appearance and puts all her effort into being pretty and popular.

Finally sitting down (Y/n) starts to fill her plate, mischievously Aunt Gretta and Stephanie glance at each other and then turn to (Y/n) who's just about to lift her first bite of food into her mouth. Sternly aunt Gretta scolds her, "(Y/n) have you already forgotten what I just said?" Pausing she can only look at her aunt with a baffled expression. Rolling her eyes like it was obvious she points at the pile of dishes and saucepans in the sink, "you're in charge of all housework" 

(Y/n) turns her head to the sink, since she went all out with today's breakfast there was practically a tiny mountain to clean, "can't I do that after I finis-" "No you can't, (Y/n) you know why your were punished, those who don't do their chores don't eat" aunt Gretta growls. Unwillingly putting down her fork (Y/n) goes to tackle the mountain of filth as everyone else enjoys the breakfast she made.

Don't worry y'all Bts will appear in the next chapter!

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