Quiz Time: Is Your Fanfiction Cliché?

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Okay, I promise this is the last one of these quizzes. Then we shall move onto something more substantial, like how to kill zombies with dancing noodles-- I mean, writing tips. That. Yes.

So, for the last time ever -- and also due to incredibly popular request -- is another quiz on whether your fanfiction is cliché! Please remember: this is only for fun and games. Please do not take offence by any of it, and please don't feel personally attacked (and don't go on to personally attack me, either).

Besides, I never said cliché was a bad thing, you know.

Same thing as before -- keep note of your letters, because there will be a score assigned to them that will be revealed at the end. Yes, I'm making you do maths. Sue me.

Question 1: Is your fanfiction a romance?

a) It's not a romance entirely (it's another genre entirely), but the romance is a pretty big element.

b) Yes. The entire plot is built on romance.

c) There are only hints regarding the romance.

d) No romance at all.

Question 2: So... let's continue on the romance line. Who does the protagonist fall for?

a) It's a love triangle.

b) ... Okay, fine. It's a love triangle. With more than three sides to it. Love hexagons, heck yeah!

c) It's a plain romance - there's only one love interest, but the love interest is the famous character/fictional character of the fandom.

d) The love interest is not a famous/fictional character of the fandom, but a random character I made or there is no love interest.

Question 3: Tell me about your protagonist.

a) Ordinary protagonist stumbles into the fandom world (whether it be fictional or not). Their self-esteem is so low that they can't believe people actually want to talk to them.

b) Ordinary protagonist stumbles into the fandom world and has amazing super powers that overpower every other character.

c) Ordinary protagonist stumbles into the fandom world (whether it be fictional or not) with a pretty good self-esteem, but they have no superpower.

d) Protagonist is not overpowered, nor do they 'stumble into the fandom' - they have always been part of it.

Question 4: Who is your protagonist inspired by?

a) Okay, so, the protagonist is a self-excerpt. No shame! [seriously, though, embrace it!] Except, it is the real me - flaws and everything.

b) The protagonist is a self-excerpt, but don't worry - I've taken away all the flaws and imperfections. The protagonist is an idealised, perfect, flawless version of myself. They also have a tragic backstory.

c) The protagonist is actually one of the characters from the fandom.

d) The protagonist is an actual character invented in my head - flaws, and all.

Question 5: Tragic backstory time. Do any of the following apply?

a) The love interest has a tragic backstory.

b) The protagonist has a tragic backstory.

c) The tragic backstory exists - but it's only because the canon fandom story provided them with a tragic backstory [for example, Batman's parents did die in the canon].

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