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Can this day get any weirder? I felt like my mind is leaving me because of what my mother did she is like a whole different person.I knew that she is afraid of something or should I say someone that made her like that.
So my mother is still a human after all she is vulnerable right now but that should makes me feel good but it's the other one it doesn't. Is this because I'm yearning for her or because I should be like that cause I'm her daughter and she is my mother.

Mother's at work again leaving me all alone in this house now that I think of it I wish that I had a pet or something that can be with me for a while that will not make me feel alone in this house. Honestly I'm tired of this, of being alone I always felt like my mother is doing this because she is hiding us from someone. You see we are not the type to mingle with everyone that is why I don't know if we even have another family in this world. I rather felt like we are always alone.

Well I do not want to think of those thoughts at these moment because I'm hungry but thank goodness she left another easy to go food like always. Whatever I am hungry I'm going to eat like a madman right now.
After eating or feasting with the food I made my way to the living room for what else but to watch the television because if I don't I'll be bored to hell.
Ugh I'm starting to feel sleepy now that I think of it because I'm so full and the show too made me feel sleepy and drowsy.

I slept alright, I slept too long because the whole house is dark now I did not even realize that it's evening already.
I open the nearest lamp and continue making my way to the kitchen and open the lights there. Wait now that I think of it I never left the lights off cause well that is one of my mother's reminders to me. It is strange to see that the whole house is so dark it should be bright at night here. It's not that I'm a scaredy cat or something it is just that a ghost are only fictional while a person is not so I am more scared of a person than that of a ghost.

Damn I'm all alone in this house why did I fell asleep anyway. I am sure that I locked all the doors and windows but if it's a bad guy then I am sure dead. She always say to me that breathing and living are the most  important thing in life even though my mother is like she still gives me some talk. Now I'm searching for my safety which is the cellphone that she gave to me in case of emergency and I need to find the pocket knife that she also gave to me yes a pocket knife for me it's for safety purposes.

Found it! these things will atleast keep me alive. I heard a footsteps in the second floor is that person a thief because that's where our important stuffs is wait a second if he is already there he might seen me already sleeping. That thought made my body shakes a little so if all that time I'm sleeping he might killed me while I'm fast asleep this is why I hate sleeping sometimes. But no don't think about it anymore I need to calm down and text my mother soon but first I need to conceal my precense if that person seen me sleeping earlier he must be thinking that I'm still asleep like hell I would. I need to hide as quiet as possible so I tiptoed to the kitchen's island and sat there quietly I am sure that this position will hide me from that for now. I need to text her fastly I'm sure she will understand if I code it to her I don't have time to explain the situation to her.

Mother!.Police. Thief. Home. 2nd.
-kitchen island

I hit the sent button then turn off the phone because it is so flashy that man will find out where am I because of this. I just hope that she will see my message to her.
I gripped the pocket knife tightly when I heard that the footsteps is descending the stairs.

At that moment I wish that I returned the hug that mom gave to me this morning and that I will see her and hold her again. I don't want to die yet not when my mom is giving me her attention now not when I'm feeling to live in this world. Right now I'm imagining that mom is by my side and holding me tightly protecting me from any harm in this world.

My sight is blurry the tears is flowing in my cheeks is unstoppable. I can't stop them again.I'm so scared. I don't want to cry because I will cry longer than this again.
The man's footsteps is nearing the kitchen now.

Mom! Mom! where are you?! I need you please don't leave me all alone again in this lonely house I just want to be with you....

this are the words I always want to say to my mother but looks like I will not have a chance again or maybe I will never have the chance to say this words to her now.

Actually I wrote this exactly on halloween so yeah this is the
end of chapter 15 next time will be interesting.

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