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In Terra after the Horus heresy. The Emperor now is entombed on the golden throne. As he lost two more of his sons. Horus who fell into chaos had slain his brother by his own hands. The Emperor was heartbroken by what has transpired due to his foolish decision to not inform his sons of the dangers of Chaos and the warp.

Still even in his golden throne he can still feel his son in the warp,still fighting along with his sons. Who refuse to be taken by the daemons of the warp. Even the Emperor was shocked when he felt a part of the part had been purified and now serves as shelter for the lost souls and it's defended by the greatest heroes and soldiers of the Imperium.

The Emperor has made 20 primarchs but he also made one more with a unique gift. The 21st primarch was sent like the others who were scattered across the stars to the lost human world of Arturious. It was there he was taken in by a knight. Who over the years trained him to be a knight and held a code of honor. The world Arturious was technological advanced but also had giant bears that were in the wilds. He was given the name of Y/n. Though what made him unique even among the other Primarchs was his pure silver eyes. As well his powerful connection to the warp. That also gave him visions of the future and other abilities.

Y/n proved to be a great leader and warrior. Though the warp had changed him to have some similar features to the giant bears,like teeth and immense endurance and strength etc. He soon managed to unite the planet under his rule. Y/n had set his sights on expanding and soon exploration fleets where sent out. Over time over 12,000 words have been established.

Many of the worlds were human colonise under threat of Xenos, mutants and other threats. These were eliminated by the armies,Y/n lead to victory. As well he made contact to a separate Adeptus Mechanicum forge world. Who joined a alliance with him.

During the great crusade the emperor has heard of this small Empire lead by a powerful leader. He went undercover and soon found his son who was giving a inspirational speech to his people and by his side a Forge Master by his side. The emperor made his way to Y/n who recognized him as he smiled and kneeled down. Y/n vowed his loyalty and service to his father with pride in his voice. As the Emperor was extremely proud of what his son was able to achieve in such amount of time.

When Y/n took command of the XXI legion. He named them the Silver Bears Legion. As the emperor choose the most capable warriors to become Space marines, from his armies.

Soon the XXI legion were soon known through the galaxy. For they are master swordsmans and excellent fighters capable of adapting to any battlefield conduction. As well similar to another legion. The Silver Bears are selfless in fighting for the defenseless and will go to any length to defend them. This is a trait that they take from Y/n who many can attest to his honor to defending the innocent and aid in any way he can.

Though to those who have a connection to the warp. They can sense something else in the legion like they have all Physic potential but it was different and the Librarians on the legion wield their gifts unlike any have ever seen especially the emperor.

Y/n was close to many of his fellow Primarchs,though he held disdain for Kurnad Curze and his legion for killing innocent people. Still he got very well with Volkan for they value the lives of the citizens and share similar views as well each others company. He also got along with Leman Russ,Sanguinius and Magnus. The thousand Suns legion and the Silver bear share a bit of a friendly rivalry. Leman Russ and Y/n respects each others combat prowess and company. As for the Bear and angel get along well they share the same dream.They want to lead a new age of peace and prosperity for humanity.

Though when the Horus heresy began. Y/n was shock to hear how Magnus was one of the traitors. Still he didn't let it stop him from doing his duty. Y/n lead his Legion and the armies of the Imperium he commanded against the forces of the traitor legions and the demons for many years.

Over the Final battle of Terra,Y/n and the Silver Bears legion fought a tenacious defense against the overwhelming chaos forces. They were fighting to defend not just the palace but for all humanity. The Emperor gave them permission to unleash their power against them. What happened next many would say was the Silver fire glowed around them as a mighty roar was heard. As they have unleashed a hidden power within them. That made them extremely powerful against the forces of chaos. Their power not only hurt the demons and traitors but destroyed their souls. When the blood angles legion arrived to aid them. Y/n helped the sisters of silence close the webway gate with his immense power.

After that he participated in the boarding of Horus flagship for the final confrontation. Where the three were separated and Y/n faced off against Horus. He tried to get Horus to come back but it was no use. So he fought even though he was weaken and exhausted he gave it everything he had.

Though what happen next broke the Emperors heart. When he and Sanguinius arrived. He saw the corpse of Y/n with a broken sword in his hand. While Horus stood there his armor having been damaged and a little bit of Blood was there. He order Sanguinius to get Y/n out of the vessel while he dealt with Horus.

So after the Emperor won and Horus was destroyed and the traitors left. He was being taken to the golden throne where he saw. The Silver Bear Legion look at their dead father with grief and they were not alone. Many Imperial soldiers and citizens mourn the death of the Primarch. As well he saw the Costodes pay their respects to him. Even saw the sisters of Silence there to honor Y/n. The Emperor saw how one of the sisters was on the floor weeping tears as he sense in her something that made him shock. The one sister of Silence that was crying was in love with his son.

He won't let his son who fought until the very end remain in the warp. With his immense power in the golden throne. He gotten his son's soul and sent it somewhere where he can be reborn and be somewhere safe from the reach of the chaos god's.

Location: Lost colonial world Remnant, wilderness space. Vale Hospital.

It was a young boy screaming as he left the womb. As the nurse handed the child to a woman who had the same eyes as the child.

Nurse: Congratulations Ms.Rose it's a Boy.

Summer: My precious little boy. Your so beautiful.

Tai: Summer what your going to name him?

Summer: Y/n Rose?

A/n:Hey guys hope you like the story. It's my first Warhammer story hope you guys like it. Also sorry if I mess up the lore. It's a lot to keep track off and some parts of it may be confusion. As you might guess the XXI is my own made legion. Still until next time.

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