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I had just woken up.

That was the first good night sleep I've had in awhile. Cara was coming over today with some of her friends but part of me is scared that Ace will be attracted to one of them and completely forget about me.

Ace wasn't next to me which wasn't a surprise but atleast he got some sleep last night. I saw a journal sitting on Ace's desk; I'm not going to read it to respect his privacy but I am curious about what he writes in there.

I crawled out of bed and got dressed. It was starting to get cold outside as it headed into winter. Of course Ace was standing at the door with his shirt off, not even cold in the slightest. "You're going to get sick" I mumbled while crossing my arms and looking in the fridge.

"I made pancakes and I don't care about the cold" Ace uttered with his eyes closed, taking it in rather than letting it disturb his physical peace. "Ooo" I said happily, looking for the plate of pancakes. "I put them in the microwave so that they wouldn't go cold" he said. I took them out of the microwave and grabbed a fork. I wondered how good Ace is at cooking as I swirled some whipped cream ontop of the pancakes and shovelled a spoonful into my mouth.

"These are so good" I gasped with my mouthful. "Don't speak with your mouthful" Ace scowled at me. "My mouth was full with something else the other day and you didn't mind" I winked playfully at him, getting a smirk and snicker in response.

Ace shook his head. I put down my plate of pancakes and walked over to him. "Still hurts?" I asked sadly, getting a nod in response. I grabbed his hand, intertwining our fingers and rested my head on his shoulder. He rested his head on mine as a sigh escaped my lips. "Is your dad gone for good?" I questioned Ace being cautious, I know he's still sensitive about this topic. "Yeah, he went to live at our other house in Florida and he will have no power in the Mafia any longer. He won't be coming back, not for a long time at the least." Ace stated angrily while staring out the window with a crease between his eyebrow and his hands clenched into fists. "I want to kill him" Ace growled furiously, squeezing my hand. I no squealed in pain and Ace instantly let go after realizing what he was doing.

"Sorry" he mumbled taking my hand and pressed his lips against my knuckles. Shivers ran down my spine as his lips touched my skin. My breath hitched slightly and he definitely noticed.

"Cara and the girls are coming over today, are you ok with that?" I asked Ace, wanting to change the topic so that he wouldn't be so angry or upset. He nodded. "If it's not you can tell me" I reassured him. "No it's fine" he muttered while stretching his back.

"I don't even want them to come over" I grumbled, rolling my eyes. "Let them come over and then after they leave, we can go do something" Ace shrugged. "Wow, you want to hang out with me?" I gasped with my hand on my chest, speaking in a playfully shocked tone. Ace snickered at me before rolling his eyes.

"I know, I'm the coolest.....and the prettiest" I added quickly after. Ace shook his head as he stared at the ground. "Say it" I scowled at him. "No" he smirked. "Say it" I squished his cheeks with my hand. "No" he struggled to say trying not to smile. "Say ittttt" I glared at him. "Ok ok" Ace rolled his eyes. "You're the coolest" he mumbled. "And ....." I waited for a response. "And the prettiest" he grumbled hesitantly. "I knew it" I giggled. He smirked at me.

"Stop doing that" I frowned at him. "What?" Ace went to take a cigarette out of the box. "Stop smirking" I stopped his hands from moving. "Smoking is bad for you" I teased him. "I know, that's why I do it, I'm a bad boy" Ace winked playfully in response. "Oh really, I couldn't tell, that skull tattoo on your neck doesn't give it away at all" I said sarcastically.

He smiled softly at the floor.

Our conversation was interrupted by the doorbell.

"I love your smile, you really should do it more" I muttered to him as I walked to the front door.

I opened the door to see Cara and her 3 friends.

"Heyyy" I smiled, hugging Cara. "Guys this is Sofia" Cara introduced me. "Heyyy" they all said in sync whilst Ace peeped his head around the corner. "I'm Scarlett" one of them said walking in and hugging me. I could see why she's called Scarlett, she had dark red hair with matching lipstick. "I'm Riley" A short girl introduced herself, she seemed to be Asian. I could only assume she was specifically from the Philippines because of the flag on her phone case that was in her hand. "I'm Kate" the last one introduced herself as she looked around suspiciously. Kate had short dyed blonde hair with pink lipstick and barely any clothes on.

"Get the fuck out" Ace growled at Kate.

"Oh my god, Aceeee its been forever" Kate said in high pitch happy tone. "Oh shit" Cara face planted. "What's happening?" Riley asked confused. "Probably one of her old fuck buddies" Scarlett joked. "Shut up" Cara hissed at Scarlett knowing I could hear everything.

"You're not allowed in my house, get out" He grabbed her and threw her outside. I just blinked a few times but I'm not really surprised. "I don't allow filth in my house" Ace grumbled as he walked upstairs.

"What is even happening?" I whispered to Cara who just shrugged. "She dated Dante and cheated on him and then tried to get with me" Ace grumbled frustratedly. "I don't allow cheats in my house" Ace barked viscously at her. "Well then you would wanna step outside too then" Kate smirked evilly. In the blink of an eye, Ace had a gun pointer at her.

Cara and the other girls shrieked, cuddling up in a corner. My eyes widened as Ace pointed the gun at Kate. "We only met Kate a few days ago too" Cara defended herself and her friends. I wasn't scared of Ace but I was scared of what he could do to other people.

"Ace" I grabbed his attention, forcing him to look at me. "Put the gun down" I approached him. "No" he snarled at me. I stood in front of the gun. "Put it down" I repeated quietly but with a demanding tone. "If you don't move, I'll kill you too" Ace threatened me as he moved his finger to the trigger. "I know she deserves it but you don't need to kill people to get your point across" I was now speaking anxiously but with a confident tone.

Ace bit his bottom lip before sliding the gun back into his belt and walking upstairs. "You're definitely not invited" I slammed the door in Kate's face.

"Um, do you guys wanna watch a movie?" I asked as Scarlett, Riley and Cara who were all cuddled up in the corner, petrified.

"You stood in front of his gun, are you crazy?" Scarlett yelled at me, not believing what she just saw. "Maybe" I shrugged before walking into the living room.

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