Chapter thirty two

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Luna's pov:
I woke up to a beeping sound with my eyes wide open which wasn't a good idea. I quickly close my eyes and slowly open them again getting used to the light.

Once my eyes are used to the light I look around and realise I was at a hospital. Why am I here? And that's when all the previous events came back to me. I almost died but someone jumped in front of me. I blacked out before I could see the person. Who was it? Please don't be Ashton or James. I don't know what I'll do without them.

The door suddenly opens and instead of a doctor I see Ashton. He runs towards me and consumes me into a hug. He held me so tight that if he dared to loosen it even a little I would just disappear. I hug him back to comfort him and as a sign I'm okay.

He finally pulls back and I get a better look at him. His eyes were stained from tears and he had eyes bags. His hair was messy and was wearing sweat pants and a loose white T. Even in this state he still looks handsome.

"Are you okay?" I ask feeling guilty that he's like this because of me.

"I'm fine, but the real question is are you okay?" He asks with love and concern in his eyes.

I smile. "I'm good." He smiles back showing his dimples. Since when did he have dimples. Why have I never realised them. He looked adorable when he smiled.

"Ashton...?" I ask.

"Yes angel," he replies with a soft voice. I love it when he calls me angel. It makes me feel special.

"Um, when I was about to be shot someone jumped in front of me. Who was it?" I ask looking done at my lap fidgeting with my finger scared of the answer.

He lifted up my chin with his finger so I would look in to his eyes. Those darn stupid hazel eyes always making me feel bubbly and happy inside.

" was your father."

What? My heart just stopped and I felt like I couldn't breath. He jumped in front of the bullet.

"Angel look at me, it's okay. He said he was sorry. He was sorry for not being the best father to you. Angel he said he can finally join your mother and to always remember he loves you," Ashton says.

He loves me...
Why couldn't he tell me this before? I couldn't hold it in anymore and broke down into tears. Ashton came next to me and held me into a hug and I cried on to him.

My dad told me he loves me. That's all I wanted to hear for years. Those three words to come out his mouth. 'I love you'.

Even though he hurt me so much I couldn't deny that I loved him back. I never stopped. I would always wish that one day the man I used to admire and love would come back and he did, but he died.

And that moment that's when I realised my parents are dead and the only family I have left was James and I really needed a hug from him right now.

I lift my head up and look up at Ashton. "Can I see James?" I ask my voice cracking and full of vulnerability.

"Of course angel," he kissed my forehead and walked out.

James walked in. I got up from the bed and ran into his arms. He picked me up and carried back to the bed.

"Lu are u okay?" He asks playing with my hair to comfort me.

A small smile played in my face when he called me the Lu. I nod in response and rest my head on his chest. I'm so lucky to have him. Beside Ashton, James is my everything. My world. My rock.

"Thank you," I spoke in a soft voice.

"Thank you for what?" James asks looking at me.

"Thank you for everything. For being my brother. My family."

"Lu I would do anything for you and being your brother is my biggest accomplishment. We might not be blood related but your my baby sister and nothing is going to change that."

A tear falls from my face and James wipes it away.

After a few seconds of silence everyone comes in. They all look at with a smile.

They one by one come up to me and give me a hug, but when it was Daniel's turn I whisper into his ear to make sure to never hurt Mamie and don't ever let her go. He blushes slightly. I kiss his cheek and smile at him.

I turn towards Ashton and see him stiffen with his hands in tight fists glaring at Daniel. I chuckle and call him over. He grumbles something but complies. He puts me onto his lap and places his head in the crook of my neck.

I look around the room and see everyone laughing  and smile causing me to smile. This my family...

The end

The book is finally over, how do you feel?
I may or may not make and epilogue depending on how I feel, so we will see.

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