Chapter 6

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"Wake up wake up wake up wake up!" My eyes fluttered open and I was greeted with an overly excited Sebastian.

"Wha...?" I mumbled sleepily as I rubbed my eyes sleepily "Whats goin on Sebby?" I yawned

"My birthday is tommorow!" He beamed and I scrunched my eyebrows together in confusion.
"Then who's da birthday balloons for?" I questioned

"Oh das da other exciting thing!" He Squealed "Today is Chester's birthday and he's 18 whole years!"

"Oof das a lotta years Sebby." I yawned again and sat up on my elbow. "Your gonna be 18 tommorow." I smiled and poked his nose. I've been here a while now and I'm slowly starting to fit in. Me and Sebastian have a different schedule than Chester and Rosie do. We have movie time and snack time, and lunch. Then we have to take naps as well, but I think lunch is my favorite part of the day. We have to be homeschooled since Theo and Ben are famous."

"Theo and Ben are not famous!" I gasped in disbelief and Sebastian frowned and jabbed my forehead with a harsh finger.

"Yes. Huhhh."

"Hey!" I moved his hand away from my face "Stop dat." I frowned a little and he blew his bangs out of his face in frustration.

"It's twue! Evwbudy here is famous! Except for you and me and Chester and Rosie and-"

"Okaii Sebby I get it."

"Esme helped too! She and Theo created some kinda cool technology and Will and Ben built it into a robot nanny! And lots of people wanna but it for lots of money." Sebastian chirped with a smile on his face and I tilted my head to the side curiously.

"How do you know so much about did Sebby?" I asked and he chewed on his bottom lip nervously and looked down at his large hands.

"Umm Esme told meee?"

"Hmm and why would she teww you dis Sebby?" I teased knowing that if anything Esmeralda didn't tell him any of this. Over the past couple of days I've noticed that Sebastian had some what of a crush of her. He follows her around like a lost puppy and he's always asking her if she needs help. Every time she leaves to go to work Sebastian always asks if he can come too.

"Don't chu know dat Esmeralda is twenty some ting and you are only 17?" I teased more mostly because I had nothing better to do and also because I was still a little grumpy about being woken up.

"I'll be 18 tomorrow which means I'll be an adult like her and den we will get married." Sebastian beamed and I rolled my eyes playfully.

"Whatever you say Lover Boi." I giggled and Sebastian blushed. It was my turn to jab him in the forehead with my finger and when I did he dramatically fell back into my bed which made me giggle.

"You're such a dwama queen Sebby."

"I a prince!"

"Drama prince." I corrected with a small giggle.

"Hey everyone is looking for you two." A soft voice had us both snapping our necks to the door way. "Why are you both still in your pajamas?" Esmeralda crossed her arms and gave an angelic frown. Now I see why Sebastian has a huge crush on her. She's a model. No she's an angel. She's so pretty.

"Hey June bug you should be dressed right about now." Theodore appeared next to her on the doorway and I nearly choked on air. His hair was wet and slightly falling into his face. I'm going to safely assume that he just got out of the shower. "Are you alright June?" He questioned with a slightly worried look.

"Yes!" Sebastian smiled and nudged me harshly. "She's perfect!" He nearly stuttered and I could tell that he was just as flustered as I was. To my luck Benjamin walked into the room and I would have fainted if Sebastian wasn't holding my arm so tight.

"Ben wha-..haha what are you doin here?"

"I live here?" He shook his head a little in confusion and shrugged "And I also pay part of the rent."

Esmeralda gave us a weird look before nodding and uncrossing her arms. "Okay I'll leave you two alone, but be downstairs In 10 minutes. Chester and William will be back from their morning run by then."


"Get dressed love." Theodore pushed his glasses up closer to his face and smiled at me before walking away.

"Sebastian I hope you aren't in here trying to kiss her." Benjamin spoke and I couldn't tell if he was being serious or if he was just teasing.

"I... I..I-"

"Calm down bud just be downstairs before Chester and William get back." Sebastian nodded feverishly and Benjamin glanced over at me before walking away from my room door.

"Well that wasn't awkward at all." I teased and Sebastian actually frowned at me.

"What did I do now?" I pouted

"You're crush is way more obvious then mine and you almost gave me away. Do you know what they will do if they find out that we like the more then foster parents?" Sebastian hissed and I was still trying to get over the fact that he had just used actual words. His small voice was gone and it had even gotten a little deeper. He looked like an actual mean emo kid and I was in shock.

"They will send us away because that is illegal. We are minors and they are adults and I'm pretty sure they don't wanna go to jail." Sebastian poked my nose this time and I frowned.

"But you'll be 18 tomorrow you even said yourself you and Esme can get married-"

"Oh don't tell me you actually believe that trash."Sebastian ran his hands through his hair and clenched his jaw together.

"I was in the mental state of a 5 year old and when I'm in that stupid headspace everything I say is  just make believe. It's not actually going to happen." Sebastian was no longer cheerful and bubbly he was acting like of like Chester.


" We gotta go downstairs Sebby!" I shot out of bed but before I could get out of the room Sebastian grabbed my arm.

"No you have to get dressed first and then you can go wait in the living room."

"Oh yeah!" I remembered as I looked down at my pajamas.

"I'll head over now." Before I could say anything Sebastian left the room and practically speed walked down the hall.

"Okay.." I sighed "Well that happened"

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