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I woke up one say and Dib wasnt there, he typically is at his desk or sleeping in, I just layed back down. Gir must still be asleep, if he was awake he'd be screaming already. I closed my eyes and smiled "Zim!" I heard Dib yell as he ran in the room. I sat up and looked at him "Zim I get a passing grade if I prove Aliens are real! Wait until they find out I'm living with one!!" He grabbed my hands and stood me up. "Dib but they-" I tries to testify but Dib was so excited he interrupted me "I can't waid to get out of that dumb college!" He put my disguise on me and dragged me to his college. He went to a big room that had a thousand people in it! He took me behind a curtain and took off my disguise.

I get to finally leave this college! I went up to the stage of the auditorium and gave a speech "For years we've tried to find out if there was life on other planets! I have with me an alien, and here he is!" I moved the curtain Zim was behind and.... he wasn't there... where did he go? His disguise is gone too. Oh god wait what am I doing... Zims my husband and I was trying to show him off and possibly get him killed, the guilt of that is worse than the Auditorium booing me. I ran offand called him, facing around the hallway waiting for him to answer, he never did. I scared him so bad. Zim I'm so sorry. I ran out and ran home. "Zim!" I called for him, there was no response, Zim where are you? Please I need to know that your ok. I looked around the house and couldn't find him. I have to go into his lab, I always get lost in there but I have to find him. I wend down into the lab and I was already confused, everything is written in Irken, I still can't even spell my own name in Irken much less read all of this... I'll never hind him... wait "Computer, take me to Zim" I went down this weird elevator thing and was taken to his observatory room, he had all the stars projected on the wall, he does that when he's upset. He was sitting on a floating disk thing in the middle of the room. Talking to himself.

Why would he betray me like that "Maybe he doesn't actually love me, he was just building trust to take me down... common tactic but if that was it I would've caught on sooner" I felt my eyes fill with tears. "He just wanted me to become famous...." I started crying, Dib was just using me. "Zim!!" I turned and saw him, his eyes widened when he saw I was crying. "Zim let me over there please, I need to talk to you" I sighed and activated a walkway that lead ro my hover plate. He ran over and hugged me "I'm so sorry Zim, I promise I'll never do anything like that again I must've scared you so bad, I love you so much!" I had nothing to say, he was crying, he was so sorry and he wouldn't stop saying it "why did you do that?" I asked. "Well... since I never stop tslking about aliens they told me to proove they were real and I'd be passed for all of college, all i wanted was to get out and be with you... I wasn't thinking, I forgot if you were seen they'd do tests and Autopsy stuff, I-" I covered his mouth. "Dib worm promises to never do that again?" I said and grabbed his hand. He nodded "And I'll drop out of the school to be with you" he said smiling. "Than Zim forgives you silly stinking human Dib" I nuzzled into his neck, he laughed, for a while after that we just sat there and watches the stars.

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