Keep your nose in your Business

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Today I decided to freshen up. Lately I've been feeling so confused.

I looked at myself in the bathroom mirror.

"You look fresh." Melida said coming out from a stall.

"Thanks." She washed her hands.

"So what's the catch?"

"What do you mean?" I looked at her.

"When a girl puts on mascara and lipstick it means that she'a impressing someone."

"That's not true."


Shut up Maine.

"Hah, that's funny." She said sarcastically. She dried her hand and we left the bathroom.

"We have this major project and I'm so not ready for it."

"What project?" I asked.

"I don't know what it is, I just heard from Patrick. Turns out Mr. Maliffa is getting a deal with the second successful business man of Australia."

Australia wow.

"That's good for the company."

"It definitely is considering the fact that if the deal succeeds, they'll be a 200,000 million dealership."

200,000 million?!

"But Mr. Miliffa makes deals like these very often. I'm sure he'll make the deal with the Australian guy." She looked at her eyelashes on the mirror.

Is Zachary that rich?

"Does Zach- I mean Mr. Miliffa live alone?"

I don't why I asked but I did.

"I think he does. I've heard he lives in a mansion with several fancy cars."


When me and Zach dated I haven't actually been to his house. And we dated for 4 years! Now that I think about it I actually don't know anything about Zachary.

I haven't seen his parents and I never knew he had a sister. I also didn't know he was the CEO of his parents company when we dated. He never told me about his life. All we talked about our things we liked and basically my life.

Yup, my life. Not his. Sometimes I think I'm so self-centred.

As I was walking to the front desk a great aura came my way. Everyone stopped walking and looked towards the door.

I turned around.

It was Zachary's parents. They were walking with bodyguards and they looked as if they were the greatest person on earth. They had that all mighty look on their faces.

They didn't even smile at the smiling co-workers smiling at them. Rude right?

I didn't know why but I didn't really like Zachary's mom. She just seemed a bit odd but I've never met her so I shouldn't be rude.

"Why are they here?" I asked out of curiosity when they left.

"Something about the dealership." Scarlett said.

"I've heard it's really important." Riley said.

"Oh okay."

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