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Nicolette's POV
I was tired of being stuck in pack hospitals. I eventually convinced Lucas that they could care for me in my room. IV needles stuck into my skin as I lay there and stared at the ceiling.

Sleep was terrible. All I saw was my mind making the worse form of my worst nightmare. It took my parents death and made it my worse fear.

I let out a gasp and sit up with sweat dripping down my face. My chest heaved up and down as I tried to control it. My tears blended with my sweat as my figure of imagination brought out the worse of my parent's death.

I pull my IVs out and walk into the bathroom and rinse my face off with cold water. I place my hands on the edge of the sink and cat HH my breath. I turn around to wipe my face but instead I see Malcom.

"Fuck," I yelp. His random presence caused my heart rate to speed up again.

"Do I scare you Nicolette?" He asks me. I let out a sarcastic chuckle and roll my eyes.

"Please Malcom. I'm not scared of you. What was so scary is that you popped into this room without my knowing," I said.

"You're very powerful and you still can't sense me. Pathetic," he laughs. I push my way through him and get back in bed.

"Why are you here again? Oh yeah because your Beta is bossing you around. You don't have to be here. You were told by Lucas to come watch me but you can't seem to think for yourself," I said. I cover the sheets around my shoulders and look out the window.

"And what makes you think I don't want to be here?" He questions me.

"Doesn't mean you hug me and comfort me for 5 minutes means you're gonna start liking me all of a sudden. I know you rather not be in here. You're tired of having to watch over me. If you haven't realized, you stated you didn't want me. So why still care for me? Why still stay up and come in and check on me every time I wake up in a cold sweat. I'm nothing to you," I said. It hurt me to say those words because they were true. I meant nothing to him. I was merely a burden on his already long list of responsibilities.

He was speechless he didn't know how to respond to the truth I was spitting at him.

"You don't have to think you need to prove something. Prove that you're not like your father. I hear the conversations Lucas has with you. It's fine. Your mother and father were different from you and I. Sometimes wolves think the moon goddess makes mistakes. It only natural to second guess her actions. Don't think you have to prove anything to me that you can be a better mate than your father was to your mom. What he did was terrible and I don't think it's in your heart to do that to me. Sometimes wolves aren't made for each other. I guess you and I weren't meant for each other. You don't have to keep checking up on me," I said.

And he left. Without saying a word he left. A part of me still wanted things to work out. The moon goddess never makes mistakes. So where did our relationship go wrong?

I haven't had a chance to love someone in 500 years and my chance now is irrational. I felt a tear roll down my face and I wipe it. Why was I crying? I don't want to cry, to give him the satisfaction of him knowing he hurt me.

I sniffle as I keep wiping tears from my face. I'm a monster. Of course my mate wouldn't want me. I'm a mystery to this world so why would you trust me.

I heard my door open again and I sniff as I lay down. I lifted my hand and shut the bathroom lights off and tucked myself into the covers. I heard the bedside lamp click on.

"Why are you crying again," Malcom's voice asked. My heartbeat starts to go up and I turn around.

"Why? The second you saw me you knew you didn't want me. Why?" I said. He was sitting on the arm chair in the corner of the room. "And don't give me that bullshit that It's because you don't need me. That's bullshit. Unless you want your she-wolves to do the work meant for Luna then I will leave at the end of the four weeks. I know those she-wolves are only there for the power of being Luna. I know they don't want to responsibilities. I rather not be Luna. I don't want all the attention of being the King's Queen but I want a mate. I know you won't reject me because you don't want to end up like you dad," I said.

I wipe my tears as he stays quiet. I sigh and I lay down and reach for the lights.

"My life is a complicated life to live. I rather not burden someone else with it," he simply said. I let out a breath and shake my head.

"Yeah you're life is so hard," I said rolling my eyes. "My parents were murdered by someone who is now trying to kill me. I've lived by myself for over 500 years trying to keep my existence a secret. I am a mistake. I was never supposed to be brought into this world. The only know Tribrid out there. Parents tell their kids stories about me to scare them. I haven't felt love since for 5 centuries. My mate doesn't want me and my list can keep going so don't tell me your life is hard. I'm broken and the pieces are too small to put back together," I said.

I held eye contact with him till it made me uncomfortable and I looked away. The moon was fading away to restart its orbit around earth again but it still gave off light.

"I'm have scars all over my body to prove my difficult life," he said. I looked at him and blinked.

"You think being a Tribrid is easy?" I lifted my shift just enough to see my side. "I burned myself the first time used manic. Multiple people have attacked me with silver. Some of my scars you can't see but affect me. You are not the only one with problem. So get your head out of your ass and stop thinking you're the only one that has a hard life," I growl. He lets out a threatening growl not liking being talked back too.

"And you wonder why I don't want you," he growls. "You just think you're so entitled to tell other people what to do."

I scrunch my eyebrows and I felt my face soften. My heart heart more than it should have hearing him say that. I stand up and open the door to the balcony and pick myself up onto the railing.

"Where the hell are you going? You get killed out there in the woods," he said standing up from his chair.

"I'd rather get killed then stay another second here with you," I said. I jumped off the railing and ran off.
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