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She had fallen asleep quite quickly after our conversation, I don't blame her. She was only waiting to sleep until I walked in.

She snored slightly causing me laugh quietly. It's the little things about her that I like, the simple things; the colour of her hair or the way her eyes glow when she happy. She's beautiful to watch and I could do it all day if I had the option without seeming creepy.

She began to stir, obviously having a nightmare. "Sofia" I whispered, trying to wake her. "Stop it" she hushed me before grabbing my arm and forcing it around her. I snickered as I tried to stay quiet; she was strong when she wanted something.

Part of me thought I'd never find myself in girls bed being so happy just holding her. I knew she was slowly creeping her way into my heart but I couldn't stop it. I just hope I don't ruin her like the way I ruin everything else.

"I may be the person you like the most but you're the only person I like" I muttered softly into her ear, planting a kiss on her forehead before i fell asleep.

I had woken up before Sofia and grabbed my journal from my room before climbing back in the bed beside her.

"She looks so peaceful. I told her she was only the person I liked last night. She was asleep but I still told her, baby steps after all. She told me I was the person she liked the most. I couldn't imagine being anyone's favourite person but apparently I'm hers and she's mine".

"What are you writing" she grumbled tiredly, snuggling up to me. "Nothing....." I let a sigh escape my lips. "What time is it?" She asked blinking slowly. "8am" I stared at the clock. "Oh" she mumbled emotionless.

Her breath hitched like she wanted to tell me something but she didn't say anything.

"Thanks for not being an asshole Ace" she finally mumbled. "I am an asshole" I muttered confusedly. "Not to me, but why me?" she almost whispered. "Why what?" I answered confused again, she wasn't making sense plus I had no idea what she going to ask. "Why did you want to marry me of all people?" she replied with a sad look on her face.

I had to think about this. Why was it her?. She is stunning but it wasn't her looks. "I saw the way your father treated you" I finally spoke up. She instantly looked up at me with her big brown eyes. "How?" She spoke with a soft tone as she played with my hand. "I could see it in your eyes, your fear of him, even though you tried to hide it" I mumbled slowly to her. "You were so happy, your eyes were full of excitement and wonder until you looked in his direction. Each time your smile would fade and suddenly your happiness was gone. I saw you begging to get away from him and I guess I caved since I knew what it's like" I spoke softly with hushed tone. "Not to mention you looked good in that dress but we'll save that for another time" I grinned cheekily.

She didn't reply but I did see a small smile plastered on her face after my last sentence.

"He was killing me slowly and draining me mentally" she uttered with her eyes closed while she lay on my chest. "Was it only you?" I asked hesitant to upset her. "Yeah, most of the time; the odd one out" she shut her eyes, trying not to remember the painful memories.

"He won't ever get to lay another finger on you or any man for that fact as long as I'm around" I stated protectively. Sofia sat up, breaking our contact. I instantly felt the need to keep her by my side, I longed for her touch. I've been so afraid to kiss her because I know when I do, another woman will never be able to take her place.

"So in other words, you're all I need?" She mumbled sarcastically with a smile. "Exactly" I pulled her back onto the bed. I flipped us so I was on top as Sofia let a laugh slip, making me smile. I ran my finger along her stomach as I shut my eyes, taking in the feeling of our touch. I placed my hand on her hip and she looked up at me with her innocent eyes, shining with desire.

"No" I glared at her. "Why not?" She pouted. "I don't deserve all of you" I admitted, running my finger along her bottom lip. "Not yet atleast" I stroked her cheek. She looked slightly disappointed as she leaned into my hand, it's nice to know she wants me though. "Ok" she nodded. "For now, we can do this" I kissed her neck roughly while holding onto her waist. A moan escaped her lips. She blushed slightly as my hand moved up her t-shirt. That's when I realized she didn't have a bra on.

"We probably shouldn't" I stared at her with lustful eyes. "But we should" she smirked while waiting for me to continue. "I feel like you're kinkier than me" I questioned her with a glare. A evil grin appeared on her face. "It's always the innocent ones" I raised my eyebrows whilst shaking my head. "What turns you on?" I asked curiously, hovering over her body. "Stuff" she blushed with a smile. "Tell me!" I snarled leaning closer to her, almost demanding. "Dominance" she let out. Which I was being right now; which I was constantly. I hummed satisfactorily.

"What else?" I frowned my eyebrows curiously. "Lip biting, neck kissing, you running your hand along the inside of my thigh, biting my ear" she listed off. Damn, she can be turned on pretty easily. It takes me awhile usually but with Sofia just the thought of her being- I couldn't even think about it without getting horny.

We messed around for a bit before I had to go to deal with some bullshit with the Mafia.

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