Sixteen(part 2)

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I can do this.

For Cassey you need to do it, for your daughter. This is the words that keeps repeating on my mind again and again for making me think that I can do this even if I'm shaking with fear right now though, I am not shaking with fear for that man but for my daughter's safety. I knew that man will do all the craziest thing just to get what he wants, just like what he did to me.

When the car stops at the front of our house I suddenly got the feeling of losing something again. I sighed to calm my breathing and relax my shaking nerves then got out of the car.
My walks are slow due to the fact that I'm shaking with fear and with my shaky hands I open the gates slowly that it gives a creaking sound that adds up nervousness within me.

But suddenly when I'm near the door there's a sound of something that fell hard so I quickly dash up to the door and open it. It's dark inside our house I can't see anything so I try to open up the switch but it seems like he cut off the electricity already that damn man really pissing me off. I walk to the living room with a flashlight of my phone from my hands. This is bad it's like were playing hide and seek but this game really makes me sick like hell.

There's no one in the living room so I walk towards the kitchen but stops because I heard the familiar footsteps that making their way towards me. I turn my back and saw him. He is really here and that f*cking creepy smile is there again. My feet won't move I just stay frozen there with my eyes widened because of shock.

"My dear Janette~I've missed you did you miss me?" then he laughs sickly because of my current state right now, he knew that he still have that effect on me but no I am no longer the weak janette who can't do anything.

He just freaking laugh again like that is the most amusing words he heard.
He's really a psycho.

"oh! you mean our precious daughter? well I put her to sleep because she's damn feisty like you "

I stiffened of what he just said. NO NO NO NO how dare he?!
With that I quickly ran away from him and made my way to the second floor but he is chasing me while laughing maniacally.
I saw one of the open rooms and quickly check if my daughter is there but none so I searched to the next room and thank God she's there but she is unconscious.

I locked the door and move the chair towards it. I checked my daughter and she's bleeding! her head is bleeding that sick bastard must have knock her by doing this. I was startled because of the hard continuous knock on the door well if you can call it a knock that is.

I hugged my daughter tightly because now this is the only thing I can do to protect her. And I just remembered that Flor will call the police and rescue us but F*ck where are they. My daughter's head is bleeding nonstop and I don't have any first aid kit with me right now so I just continue to hold her bleeding head with a towel.

Please hurry Flor or else were doomed by this crazy bastard. I don't care if I can't be rescued by the police because my priority is Cassey's safety.

"My dear Janette~ come out now my patience is short"

"then just die you freaking bastard"

"HAHAHAHAHHAHAHHA now you've really done it"
what a freaking creepy voice from laughing to a really angry tone he's really sick.

The door is cracking open with a knife.

A knife.

That bastard will really kill us but no I will not just do nothing I have to protect my daughter.

I must protect my daughter


Go! be a mother J you can do it! so that's the second part hope you enjoy thank youu!!

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