The Horn

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Sophie's POV
Lucy was keeping hold of my hand as we raced across the busy London streets. We were in our school uniform as we were about to get the train home when Peter got into trouble.

The uniform was a grey bowler hat with a scarlet ribbon around the bottom, a grey pinafore over a white long sleeved shirt and finally a a grey blazer with a scarlet pocket to match the hat. I had on delicate ballerina shoes with knee high socks and my dark hair was messily pulled back into two plaits. Of course, everything was oversized, I was very small for my age (as I got reminded of every time I saw someone over the age of 35) but I made up for it by being mature. Maybe it's because all my siblings are much older than me so I learnt from them.

I had left my bag back at the train station, it was a horrible brown case with a few green and yellow stickers on it (it's a hand-me-down from Lucy from when she was evacuated). Everything I had was a hand-me-down from my siblings but "waste not, want not" as Mother says. I don't understand what it means though.

Anyway I was pulled out of my thoughts as Lucy yanked me in front of a car with a very angry looking man in it. He honked his horn and slammed on the brakes whilst screaming at us to watch where we were going. I giggled at his cheeks wobbling when he spoke. "Sorry!" Lucy exclaimed in her sweetest voice.

We carried along the very busy street and I finally spotted Susan she was standing next to a tall boy with glasses. I think she was talking to him but she didn't seem very happy about it. She held a magazine in her hand that she wanted to read before she was interrupted.

I couldn't exactly hear there conversation but I did hear Susan mutter "Phyllis". As me and Lucy got closer we screamed "Susan" to get her attention. She rolled her eyes and muttered something under her breath as she turned to us. " You better come quickly!" Lucy said as we approached the pair. Susan grabbed her bag and raced after Lucy and I as we led her to the train station.

Once we reached the stairs, I pointed towards where our eldest brother, Peter, was fighting two bullies. "Not again" Susan sighed as she rolled her eyes. She seemed to like rolling her eyes lately.

Suddenly I got shoved into the hand rail as Edmund, our other brother, fought through the crowd to help Peter fight. "Eddie" I shouted, whilst he turned to look at me, he got punched in the face. As he stumbled back into the wall I bit my bottom lip and clutched my blazer sleeve.

"Stop it! Both of you." I heard Susan yell from behind me. She had almost a pleading tone with our brothers.

Suddenly there was the sound of a whistle and an angry looking soldier marched down the platform towards all four of the boys.

Everyone on the stairs started running back outside and Susan,Lucy and I got pushed back with them. "Act your age!" the soldier shouted but I'm not sure who at.

After Susan, Lucy and I had got back into the station, all five on us were sat on a wooden bench that hurt my back. My feet were dangling uselessly off the bench as I kicked them around and played a little game with them.

I was sat on the end, next to Edmund, but I was slowly falling off. I don't think that bench was made for five people. Out of nowhere Edmund turns to Peter and tells him "Your welcome" his voice was full of venom.

"I had it sorted" Peter spat back.

Susan rolled her eyes,again, and sighed "What was it this time?"

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