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Nicolette's POV
I walk around his house until I sensed that he wasn't in my room. I jump back onto the balcony and lock the door behind me as I walk in.

I didn't want to wake Doctor Lauren up to put my IV back in so I just took it off it's hook and laid it on the bedside table. There was a piece of paper on my pillow with a pen on it.

We have guests tomorrow. There is a dress in the closet I want you to wear and make sure you look suitable enough to meet other Alphas and Lunas. Be ready and in the kitchen by 9.

There was no signature it was definitely Malcom. I saw so tired and it was 3AM I have at least 4 and a half hours to sleep.

I walk into the closet and see a champagne colored dress that showed to much leg. Definitely not a dress for winter. I sigh and turn off the lights and get in bed. I was so tired that I fell asleep quickly and couldn't dream.
My eyes blinked open and saw the light beaming through the windows. I flip over and the time was 7:48. I groan and wipe my hand over my face.

I get up and rinse my face with cold water and took a quick shower. When I meet whoever is coming today. Will Malcom introduce me as his mate? Or as one of his flings? I get out of the shower soaking wet and went through the drawers and found a razor.

I shaved my legs real quick and dried off. I wrapped the towel around my body and said a spell to un-fog the mirror.

"There's hair stuff under the sink." I let out a yelp and my hand flew to the towel to make sure it stayed up. I see Lucas with a smile on his face.

"Perv," I yell at him. "Do you see that I have no clothes on. Therefore you do not come in."

"Who gets ready with the door unlocked?" He asks me. I roll my eyes and kept a strong grip on my towel.

"Well it was my knowing that the only person in this house is Malcom and I it still doesn't mean you can't knock," I said. "Plus Malcom wouldn't come in hear after what happened last night."

"What happened last night?" He asks. I shake my head.

"Out now I need to get ready," I said. I instantly locked the door behind him and bend down and open the cabinets under the sink and see a hair dryer. I plug it in and start the process of drying my thick hair.

My natural curls start to form and I run my hand through the back of my hair and felt that it was dry.

I pick my towel and wrap it around my body and open the door. The cool air from my room hit my warm body which made me shiver. I see Lucas playing with my halfway empty IV bag.

"Why is there still liquid in it," he asks, sensing my presence. He turns around and I shrug.

"I pulled it out last night. It was bothering me." Lie. I pulled it out because I had a nightmare. It sounded childish. Nightmares are something that sounds like children have them.

I walk into the closet and see a fresh pair of undergarments I didn't see last night. I still needed to talk to Lucas or Seth about my clothes.

I put on the underwear and hang the wet towel on the back of the door. All of the clothes I've worn were either hand-me-downs from Omegas or Mia.

I take the dress of the hanger and unzip the back of the dress. I step into being careful not to step on any of the fabric.

"Zan," I whisper. The zipper moved up my dress and I felt my waist tighten. I look in the mirror in the closet and did a spin. I licked the dress. It fit surprisingly well and was comfortable.

I walk out and see Lucas holding a box. He opens it and pulls out a pair of heels and holds them out.

"Malcom wants you to wear these," he said. I took it from him and slip them on. They were rose gold heels that had a metallic rose gold color vines leading from the heel to the base of the shoe. They fit comfortably and made me feel tall. I like feeling tall.

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