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Sophie's POV
I was sat on Edmunds lap as Peter rode us down the perfectly still river. As I leaned over the boat I could see my reflection very clearly but if I adjusted my eyes I could see straight to the bottom of the turquoise water.

I straightened back up to see Lucy staring at the trees "There so still." she observed.

"They're trees, what do you expect?" Trumpkin( I had now learnt that was the dwarfs name) grunted.

"They used to dance." Lucy sadly replied.

Narnia seemed like such a lovely place, I wish I had been here the first time my siblings came. As much as they cared for me, they had always had there own little secrets because of this place. Now, I was finally getting to see what they saw but it just made me feel even more left out. I mean they're Kings and Queens of this whole world and I'm just their annoying baby sister that they have to take care off.

"It wasn't long after you left that the Telmarines invaded. Those that survived retreated to the woods, and the trees retreated so deeply into themselves that no one has heard from them since." Trumpkin recited as if from a book.

"I don't understand," Lucy muttered looking down at the dwarf "How could Aslan had let this happen?"

Aslan, yet another thing about this place I didn't understand. I zoned out of Lucy and the dwarfs conversation and my eyes wandered up the the wooded hill that bordered the river. A large lion came into view with a gorgeous mane that softly shook at every move he made. He winked at me before disappearing before my very eyes. This confused me but I shook it off and looked back towards my siblings.

"Get us to the Narnians and it will." Peter told Trumpkin, finishing their conversation.


When we finally reached the shore, we all clambered off onto a pebbley beach. As the others tied up the boat I spotted a great black bear sat behind a winding log. I had remembered Lucy telling me how all the animals could talk and that they were the gentlest creatures she'd ever met. Because of this, I started wandering towards the beast.

"Hello there!" I smiled to the bear as he looked up at me "It's alright we're friends" I told him motioning towards my family and Trumpkin.

"Don't move" Trumpkin ordered as I looked back at him. By the time I had turned back, the bear was already charging towards me, taking great leaps as I froze in fear.

"Sophie!" Susan cried out as I tripped over a stick and fell onto the uneven ground.

"Susan, shoot!" Edmund ordered as he ran towards me.

I let out a terrified scream as I covered my face and curled up, ready for the bear to attack, but it never did. I looked up cautiously to see a black arrow embedded in the beasts stomach.

Peter ran towards me and helped me up, keeping me hidden behind his legs as he continued to point his sword at the fallen bear.

"Why wouldn't he stop?" asked Susan. I turned round to see that it was actually Trumpkin who had saved me and not Susan. I sent him a grateful smile.

"I expect he was hungry" Trumpkin replied simply before returning my smile.

"He was wild" Edmund said while staring at the bear in confusion.

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