Chapter 23

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"How do you feel about chocolate chip waffles and bacon? I know I'm down but it's all up to you."

Olivia threw Leanna a smile over her shoulder and she gave her a small one back, nodding.

"Sounds good."

Alpha Phoenix had been true to his word. He had her under twenty-four hour surveillance and Olivia was the person for the job. She was there when Leanna went to sleep and she was there when Leanna woke up. She followed her around everywhere and anywhere and even alone, she could sense Olivia's eyes on her.

This was their routine for the last three months.

When Olivia woke up, Leanna woke up, and that was usually around the crack of dawn. She'd ask Leanna what she wanted for breakfast but ultimately, thy ate what Olivia wanted. Then she'd clean up the house; the Alpha had Omegas who were more like maids but they were allowed basic schooling and training so that, should there be a fight, they could handle their own.

Olivia was nowhere near an Omega so when she had to do her pack duties, she left Leanna in the capable hands of Sophie, a young Omega barely older than seventeen. She was an animated girl, very lively, and far better to get along with than Olivia.

After hours of cleaning, her guard would return and they'd make dinner for everyone who lived in the pack house, which was close to twenty, and then Olivia disappear, leaving Leanna to clean the kitchen and dining room alone.

Then, at the very end of the day, Olivia would quiz her on what she did, her memories, and more than once bring her to tears over the fact that she couldn't remember and that if she held back any information, she'd be thrown in a cell.

"Eat up!" Olivia's voice broke through her thoughts and she jumped, glancing down at the table.

The waffles appeared a little too hard and the smell was nauseating. Another thing, Olivia wasn't really that good of a cook but she didn't trust Leanna which she found ironic because she allowed her to make dinner with the Omegas.

Leanna took a few bites of the waffles, forcing them down with copious amounts of milk. 

"So I won't be able to supervise today so you'll be with Maya today," Olivia rattled off and she felt the color drain from her face.

Maya was, she'd come to learn, quite cruel. From what she understood, the Alpha did not condone unnecessary violence. He was very strict on pack members fighting for anything other than training. When it came to training, they were as fierce and as violent as could be but outside of that, they were expected to be peaceful and respectful toward one another, even if there was tension between two parties.

Everyone but Maya understood this to a tee. Maya pushed the boundaries without breaking them. She held some power; she was a hunter and was far more gifted in fighting than most. She knew how to push without leaving a mark and without this coming to the attention of the Alpha.

"Hello, darlings," Maya's voice came from behind her and she held back a shudder. 

"Hey, May-May!" Olivia shouted and Leanna winced.

The two were the best of friends.

"Hey, Liv. Runt," Maya greeted and she rolled my eyes, filling her mouth with waffles to keep from saying something

"I've gotta head out but I'll see you tonight for drinks. Bye Anna!" She absolutely hated that name and they knew it.

Once Olivia was gone, Maya stood in front of her, a twisted smile on her lips.

"I need you to clean up the mess from last night's bonfire. Then when you're done, I want you to clean the ballroom by hand. It needs to be squeaky clean. Now hurry up!" She clapped her hands together and Leanna sighed.

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