The How

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Sophie's POV

We stood holding five torches staring at the end graved wall in the passage. They showed scenes of the beginning of the golden age.

"It's us" Lucy said running her hand along a carving of her and Susan on a the large lions back. "What is this place?"she asked turning to Caspian.

"You don't know?" He replied in surprise.

"No" Lucy answered as my siblings shook their heads.

Caspian took the torch out of our hands and continued down to gloomy passage. We followed until we came to the end, Caspian laid the torch on a block next to him and watched as is spread around the perimeter of the room. I gasped, seeing many beautiful carvings being illuminated. There were many of the creatures I had see before, that were a part of Caspian's army. However, in the centre was a carving of that gorgeous lion again. The lion was looking down at a large stone table in the centre of the room that had an incredible crack through the centre of it.

Lucy walked up to the stone table and placed her hand on it. Turning back to us she said "He must know what he was doing."

Peter understanding her (however I didn't) replied "I think it's up to us now."


Later on, Lucy and I were sat crossed legged on the great stone table as Peter and Caspian discusses kingly things in front of us.

"It's only a matter of time. Miraz's men and war machines are on there way. That means those same men aren't protecting his castle." Caspian warned.

"What are you suggesting?" Susan asked whilst walking towards the table where we were sat.

Peter and Caspian answered at the same time.


Peter answered again, more forcefully this time, "Our only hope is to strike them before they strike us."

"That's crazy, no ones ever taken the castle." Caspian disagreed.

"There's always a first time." Peter replied simply.

"We'll have the element of surprise." Trumpkin added.

"We have the advantage here" Caspian defended whilst pointing a finger towards the ground.

"If we dig in, we could probably hold them off indefinitely." Susan added as she flashed a smile at Caspian which he returned. At the same time Peter and Edmunds faces turned into that  scowl that I had only seen once before, when we met Caspian.

"For one, I feel safer underground" Trufflehunter told us quietly.

"Look, I appreciate what you've done but this isn't a fortress, it's a tomb." Peter informed Caspian.

"I agree with Peter, if the Telmarines are smart, they'll just starve us out." Edmund said, picking sides. I hated the idea of being starved.

"We could collect nuts." a charming squirrel helped.

"Ah yes...and throw them at the Telmarines! Shut up!" Reepicheep (the small mouse) mocked. He then turned to Peter and stated "I think you know where I stand on this sire."

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