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Sofia's POV:
Ace had to go to work, leaving me horny and alone.

It was so boring since Ace took my phone when I was first living there and still hasn't given it back. I went through most of day walking around and talking to a few of Ace's bodyguards. Especially Terry, I liked Terry, he was cool.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door. I peeked my head around the corner, no one usually knocks, they all just stroll in as if they own the place. I peeked my head out of the window to see Cara, Scarlett and Riley standing at the door.

I don't like these girls but I can't just speak to Ace all the time; I'd go crazy.

I opened it; Hopefully Ace won't be angry. "Come on girl, we're going clubbing" Scarlett cheered while dancing, making me laugh. "Tonight?" I questioned. "Yeah" Cara nodded persistently. "I don't knowww" I sighed, knowing Ace wouldn't let me go.

"Call Ace, tell him you're going and that you'll be back by 12 am, no big deal" Riley shrugged like it was no big deal. "He's um- he's protective" I struggled to make up an excuse on the spot. "Call him" Scarlett whined practically dragging me to the phone. "But-". I didn't want to go in all honesty, I wasn't a very sociable person at times mainly because most people are assholes and all guys want is a quick fuck; Especially at night clubs.

"I don't have a dress" I mumbled trying to think of excuses. "I brought you one" Cara pulled a small dress out of her bag. "I don't have my hair done" I shrugged. "Scarletts a professional hair stylist" Riley chirped from behind Cara. "I don't have my makeup done" I grumbled, knowing I would have to go now. "You don't need makeup" Scarlett scowled at me. "Go call him" Cara ushered me into the kitchen.

"Where's your phone?" Cara asked, looking around. "I don't know, I lost it ages ago" I lied. One of Ace's bodyguards took it off me before we got into the house when I first came here; Ace's orders of course.

"Oh-well use this" Cara handed me the house phone. I could feel a pit growing in my stomach as I dialled Ace's number.

"Hello?" Ace's voice sent shivers down my spine, in a good way. My breath hitched and before I could even say anything, Ace began to talk. "Sofia, what's wrong?" His tone sounded frustrated. "You don't sound happy, I'll call back some other time?" I questioned. "It doesn't matter, go ahead" Ace grumbled into the phone. "Um the girls want me to go to a night club with them tonight" I muttered quickly, waiting for Ace to say no so that I could go back to waiting for something else to happen during the day.

"Go ahead; one rule, bring a security guard" Ace's voice became angry before hanging up the phone. There were odd noises in the background; He sounded busy enough without me disturbing him . I sighed reluctantly, hanging up the phone. Now I have to go because I just know the girls were listening to that.

"He said yes" Riley grabbed my arm while cheering. I shook my head as I stared at the phone.

Ace's POV:
"Tell me where the fucking money is" I snarled viscously at the guy sitting in the chair, roughly grabbing his shirt that was stained and worn out.

"I don't know" he muttered with the little energy he had left from my relentless beatings. I impatiently watched the blood drip out of his mouth.

"You've heard the whispers" I scowled evilly, whispering into his ear trying to frighten him; he should be frightened if he isn't already. My patience was wearing thin with him. His face became flooded with fear as he realised what I meant. "No please" he started to sob uncontrollably. I scoffed at his weakness.

"What are the whispers, what do people say?" I questioned sadistically, waiting for a response. I like to be update on what is going around about me. "They.... they s-say you like to play with fire" the guy whimpered. "P-please" he begged for mercy but mercy does not exist in my mafia; or most Mafia's for that matter. I do not forgive and I do not forget when someone crosses me, forgetting makes you a fool.

"Ok" I stared around the dark room that never got any source of light. "You're pissing me off, begin talking now" I demanded frustrated. "I wasn't close with Haze, I keep telling you" The man begged me to believe him.

I rolled up my sleeve as I let out a fed up sigh. My fist collided with the guys face for a third time, that one hurting my hand. He winced in pain repeatedly, clinging to the chair. I stared at my knuckles in disgust that had blood covering them. "Tell me what you fucking know, this is the last time I will ask" I demanded blatantly. "I don't know anything!" he broke down into tears once again before I shut my eyes trying to control my anger. "Get the blow torch" I commanded the recruit standing in the corner of the room, who instantly did as I asked.

He handed me the blow torch. I turned it on and watched the blue flames light up the dim room while the man watched in absolute fear. The guy yelled with fear as he tried to force himself out of the chair, only to be held back by his own hands and legs being bound to the chair.

"This can be easy, don't make it hard on yourself" I grumbled trying time fix the blow torch to the right temperature. The guy screamed in terror.

"Boss" someone interrupted me, forcing me to turn around. "There's someone calling you from your house" One of my men got the courage to speak up. For fuck sake.

I eventually hung up the phone. It was Sofia asking if she could go out. I didn't care as long as no other guy laid a hand on her. "Tell Terry to watch my girl" I informed one of my guys before getting back to business.

I hovered the blue flame from the blowtorch above his hand, slowly inching it closer. "It's in the farm house" the guy finally cracked. "See, that wasn't so difficult" I smiled sarcastically before showing him the look of fury in my eyes . "No fire?" The guy asked relieved as I dropped the blowtorch carelessly on the ground. "No but that doesn't mean you get to live either" I mumbled, the man only realising what I said before snapping the guys neck.

"Bit harsh boss" One of my men commented. "He was pissing me off, definitely doesn't get special treatment" I replied back with a cold tone while rubbing the blood off of my knuckles with a cloth. "Look up locations of farm houses in the area" I commanded walking out of the room.

I saw Dante as he entered the room. "Aceee" Dante said happily. "Dante" I said with a serious tone. "You seem to be in a bad mood so I'll tell you later" Dante commented patting my back while trying to get by me. "What's wrong?" I grabbed his shoulder roughly, stopping him from walking away; Dante sighed hesitantly. "It's your father" Dante shook his head. "What about him?" I scowled at Dante, not wanting to hear bad news.

"You're dad wants back in the Mafia" Dante replied covering himself, ready for me to break. "Fuck no" I glared at him, shaking my head. "Everyone hates him after what he made them do" Dante agreed with me. "Tell him no and if he comes back he's going to die a slow, painful death" I threatened my father through Dante.

Then I got a call from Terry, I picked up my phone. "Boss, we have a problem" Terry sounded scared which instantly made alarms go off in my head. "What is it?" I asked, my heart skipping a beat, knowing that he was watching over Sofia. "The Scar Blood's leader is chatting Sofia up; He's getting her to dance with him, I swear boss, I wouldn't of let her go in if I knew it was his club" Terry pleaded with me for help.

"FUCKKKKK" I threw my phone across the room in a fit of fury. I could feel my blood boiling as rage built up in my chest.

I was more worried than angry. If they found out she was with me, they would kill her without hesitation not to mention the place will be crawling with Scar bloods. I know that if I walk in there, there will be war but I wasn't about leave her in there alone with him. He's not as bad as me but he's bad and wouldn't give a second thought about killing her if it came down to it.

The idea of her dancing with someone else, just instantly made me jealous. His hands on her hips from behind he . I couldn't think about it, I'm already angry enough as it is.

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