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Nicolette's POV
"I don't give a shit about what happened," I growled at Lucas. Malcom had stormed out of the room and Lucas was trying to explain what happened.

"Just listen Nicole. He pushed you, I understand that he crossed a line that he shouldn't have. You remember that?" He asks me. I roll my eyes and groan.

"Of course I remember that. He pushed and pushed then he kissed me," I said getting frustrated again.

"You don't remember what happened in between. You went into panic you weren't responsive. He kissed you to help control your breathing," he said getting frustrated at me.

"Like I said. I don't give a damn about the reason. I'm tired and tomorrow I don't have anything to do tomorrow so then try to convince me that what he did was logical," I said. With that he left.

I choke out a cry and wipe my tears as they fall down my face. What fucked up apology is that? I turn off the lights and lay in the darkness for awhile until I eventually fell into a deep sleep.
I was in my room. The room that my mom and dad made for me for me to live in as a child. The familiar flowers that were painted on didn't have a single scratch on them.

I look to my bed and see my mom and me but now how I look now. I was a child. Maybe about 5 years old.

She held an old children's book that she used to read to me every night. The white bed frame that didn't have a chip in the paint.

"Mom?" I called out. She kept reading to mini me and smiles at her as she closed the book. Her mouth moved but I couldn't hear her and she couldn't hear me.

I saw a little flame start of from the corner of the room. I tried to say a spell but my magic didn't work.

I watch as the flame engulfs my room and my mom and little me burn into ashes. I scream as everything I had saw burned until there was nothing left.

I stood in the darkness and then I saw a figure shed light into the dark. As she came into view, it was me.

"How does it feel Nicolette?" She asks me as she walks up in front of me. "To know that you could have had more memories like that if you didn't run." My heart dropped as a new scene popped up beside us.

I was older in this memory. We had just moved out of our pack into the woods. My dad grabbed me and threw me into the lake but I pull him in with my magic.

"You could have had more days like this if you weren't a coward." She said. My mom laughed as she jumped in.


I gasp as I sit up in my bed. Tears flow from my face as my chest starts to heave up and down. I look up and see Malcom and I growl.

"Are you okay?" He asks. I nod and hold my hand out.

"Yes ju-just stay away," I choke out. I take deep breaths and clench onto the comforter. I close my eyes and focus on not shaking. I slowly open my eyes to the smell of burning.

I look over and follow the trail of smoke to the wall next to me.


I burned it into the wall while I was sleeping. I choke out a sob and put out the fire. I throw the blanket off of me and run out of the balcony door and onto the ground.

I heard the footsteps of Malcom chasing after me but I had already shifted and run before he stopped me.

I didn't stop running until I felt I was fat enough. I shifted back and found clothes. I could sense the presence of other shifters around.

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