Every Little Thing- Lloyd X Reader

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You glared at the laughing couple as they walked by, turning your music up another notch. Valentine's Day was your least favorite holiday, for obvious reasons.

No one would want you.

That's what the kids at school said, and your older siblings. That's what everyone said.

There's no point in trying to deny it.

A finger tapped against your shoulder, two others plucking your earbud from your ear.

"Am I that annoying, Y/N?"

You scoffed, rolling your eyes.

"Why of course Lloyd, why else would I shove my music in my ears?" You asked as he took a seat beside you.

He faked a gasp, placing a large hand over his heart.

"Do you think that low of me?"

You giggled.

"I can neither confirm nor deny that statement." You snickered.

He faked another gasp, falling dramatically into his chair. Lloyd was your best, and only friend. You never understood why, since you were so ugly and a loser, but whenever you asked he would always start....complimenting you.

It wasn't like you hated the compliments, but they were so foreign that it made you uncomfortable. You always got him to stop before he went too in-depth thankfully, and he was sweet enough to respect your wishes.

You tensed when you noticed a couple in the far corner of the room, lips locked in a heated make out. You grit your teeth, turning your gaze back towards Lloyd only to find his staring at you, a small smile on his lips.

"What? Do I have something on my face?" You asked.

He shook his head, gazing out the window beside you.

"No, not really."


Later that day, as the sun settled past housetops, you bit your lip, your thumbs hovering over the keyboard of your phone.

Your siblings did it again, crushing your self-confidence, calling you stupid and worthless. Mom and dad didn't do anything again.....' just toughen up' they said.

You tried...

And you couldn't...

Everyone left for the week, going to Disney World, without you again. Your siblings said it was because they didn't want everyone to know that such an ugly girl was a part of their family.

"Why am I doing this?" Your conscience scolded you. "He won't care. He has better things to do. Don't bother him."

The little phrases kept speaking on repeat, and yet your thumbs zipped across the board, typing little, black words.

'I'm tired of this.....'

You watched in horror as you pressed 'send', the speech bubble popping up on your screen. It read 'delivered'.

Immediately a reply.

'What's wrong?'

Why does he care?

'Stop hanging out with me.....'

You pressed 'send' again.

Another immediate reply.

'What? Why?'


'Because I'm the reason you don't have a girlfriend.'

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