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What should I do now? Flor promised me and I'm still counting on that but I can't help but have doubt about it.
If not just because of our life to death situation I will not have a doubt about it. And it also makes me think that me being a bait is not a good idea cause hell I'm going to die and what worst is my daughter too, damn it because I'm panicking for our safety I can't think straight for our escape here.

The door continues to bang and I hope that door is strong enough to buy us time to escape that crazy f*cker.

Dammit! I hugged my daughter tightly and close my eyes when the door burst open.

"You bit*h! why did you lock that f*cking door huh. Now I'm gonna make you pay with your worthless life because you annoyed me to hell"

"F*ck you! your the worthless one bastard!"

"You really dare to talk to me I'm really gonna f*cking kill you bit*h"
Then suddenly I opened my eyes because I heard a familiar sound.

It's the siren of the police! Finally!

She's here. Flor finally came to rescue from this psycho.

But the problem is this man. He's staring at me furiously, he will really kill us.

So before he gets to stabbed us with the kitchen knife he was holding I grabbed to the nearest lamp in the bed then I  strongly throw it to his head. Making him cursed at me nonstop then he kneeled down the floor while clutching his bloody head.

With this chance I hold my unconscious daughter then dash out of the room. Were finally near the door and the police saw us to that situation and swiftly aid us to help.
Then the rest of them gone to the second floor to take hold of that psychotic bastard.

And with the ambulance help they start aiding my daughter as I stare at her sleeping face then I let it out, the tears.

The tears I'd been holding back since earlier. And I broke into continuous sobbing. I let my heart cry because I was happy that she is safe and sound.
Were both alive and I thank the God for that.

I realized that Flor is nowhere to be found but I need to accompany my daughter to the hospital first.
She is my first priority right now and I am scared that this will happen to us again. That sly bastard is a psycho so I can't go risking our safety just because he is been caught by the police.

A hand touch my shoulder so I suddenly flinch due to the shock and still not recovering from what happened earlier. I look at the owner of the hand and it turns out they take my daughter from the danger of losing too much blood but still they told me that we can't be sure that she's safe because of that well I'm especially not because hell it's traumatizing that you will see your own child getting hurt because of you.

This is the reason why I'm hiding us to the eye of the public, it's because of our safety. When we arrived at the hospital they immediately put my daughter in a room which I requested to be a private room just for her. I don't think I can place her with so many people in a room I might not be careful enough to watch her then she will get hurt again. I can't really put her life at risk again.

Finally I was staring at my daughter alone at her sleeping state in her own private room. With her bondage head and her pale face because of the sudden blood loss. Also, the doctor said to me that my child might not wake up for sometime due to the shock she received from her head injury.

I sighed because I was blaming myself for this to happen. Then shakily reach my daughter's hand with mine. It's warm but motionless and not squeezing my hand back just as tightly I squeezed hers.

"I will apologise to you Cassey because I failed to be your mother
I can't even bother to check how is your day at school. How are you when I'm away gosh I am really the worst and worthless mother of all
but remember this I may be lacking to be a good mother to you but I care for you and love you so much. When I first hold your tiny hands as a baby when I heard your first cry, your first smile to me and when I saw how small and vulnerable you are to this world. I thought that your so innocent to this world so much that I didn't realised that I sheltered and hide you to the world that you deserved to explore. I just love you so much my daughter I'm sorry I did not give you what you want. And I'm sorry that I'm not the mother you wanted to be"

I just blurted all the words to my daughter while crying and holding her hand tightly.

I'm so sorry for the late late update and thank you this is the end of chapter 17 hope you enjoyed it.

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