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Sofia's POV:
Cara, Scarlett and Riley had dragged me to some nightclub. I didn't want to go, I just wanted to wait for Ace to get home and then go to sleep but no. Instead I had to drink, dance and probably end up looking stupid.

We showed our fake ID's and got in. "Guys I think this dress is a little too short, Ace is going to kill me" I muttered worriedly to them. "Don't let Ace control what you wear Sofia! You have an amazing body, show it off" Cara hyped me up.

"Oh my god, look at him" Riley shrieked at the girls. Their heads turned towards a table that had 4 guys sitting around, smoking cigarettes. There's a no smoking sign in front of them on the wall?; Ignorant assholes.

"Let's get their attention!" Scarlett giggled mischievously, pulling us onto the dance floor. "No guys, I'm engaged to be married, I don't want any other man's attention" I reminded them. "Then just dance for yourself, have funnn" Cara giggled, grabbing shots of vodka off of the waitress walking by us. This was going to be disastrous, I could already feel it.

She handed me one and I contemplated taking it. "Drink it" Riley demanded and weirdly enough I did. Atleast it would make the night go by faster.

Cara, Riley, Scarlett and I were all dancing to a very sexual song when we noticed the guys staring at us like we were dessert. I knew I shouldn't of come.

I saw the men heading our way. I was going to leave when I felt a hand grab my wrist, stopping me from moving. "Hey" a relatively deep voice grabbed my attention. I turned around to see a guy who looked in his early 20's with a tight haircut and clean shaven face. He had blonde hair and pale skin. I also noticed his tattoos stretching from his wrist to his neck to his other wrist.

It reminded me of Ace and how his sleeve stops near his shoulder where as this guy had both arms covered. "Do you like my tattoos?" he pulled up his sleeve, showing me more of the tattoos. "Yeah, they're cool" I commented, not trying to come off as flirty.

"Do you wanna dance?" His thick Spanish accent asked. Before I could reply, he seemed to notice the bracelet on my wrist. "You already have a boyfriend?" He questioned me, holding my wrist up and staring at the bracelet. "Yeah" I replied not actually knowing what me and Ace are. All I know is that if I said no then Ace would hate me and I don't want that; Not to mention that this dude is creepy.

"Come on baby, spend the night with me, I'm sure I can change your mind about him" He muttered in my ear as he placed his hand on my waist. "No, I'm ok" I forced his hand off, trying to hide the disgust plastered on my face. I was terrified but trying desperately not to show it. "You must be very loyal to deny me, that only makes you more attractive" he flirted with me, slowly getting closer. "Very loyal" I slowly backed up with a frightened expression.

I could see he was getting frustrated. "I'm a millionaire, I own this club and many more" he tried to persuade me. "I can't be persuaded, I'm not a cheat" I was still backing up amongst the people in the club. "I'm also a Mafia leader" he winked at me. I froze. You've got to be fucking kidding me, why me?.

"What's the name then, I'm sure I would've heard you on the news if that's true?" I acted like I didn't believe him. "We're called the Scar Bloods" he smirked proudly. "Wow, that sounds scary" I teased with a sarcastic tone. "4th biggest Mafia in the world" he uttered as I could smell the alcohol off his breath which sent shivers down my spine. Ace had the biggest Mafia and a bigger dick, just putting it out there.

I've heard of the Scar Bloods. They're not as cruel as they make themselves out to be but they have some weird torture methods. I knew instantly that the Scar Bloods hated Ace's Mafia. Simply because Ace has the biggest and largest Mafia to exist.

"What is your name even?" I questioned him, glaring at him suspiciously. "You still don't believe me?" he chuckled. Little did he know I was in the Mafia myself.

"No, I didn't know Mafia's were still around if I'm being honest" I shrugged. I could sense danger off of him. He wasn't a man to be messed with. "My name is Santiago but it's Santi for short" he introduced himself. "I'm Lexi" I smiled politely, giving him a fake name; I didn't need this creep to know my real name.

"So who's this man then?" He asked. "Ah , you wouldn't know him" I shrugged, brushing it off making him more interested. "Tell me" Santi almost demanded. "His name is.....Alejandro" I hesitated. "Why did you hesitate?" He asked suspiciously. "Wouldn't you hesitate if a Mafia leader who wants to have sex with you wanted to know your boyfriends name?" I spoke with a cheeky but joking tone, trying to hide my fear.

I had only now realised that there's no way out of this for me. He won't let me go unless it's with him and Ace thinks I'm doing ok. God, what if I never see Ace again?. What if I never get to see his glorious abs again?. My eyes will never be blessed with such beauty again. I'm joking if you can't tell but I was actually scared.

If he finds out that Ace is my boyfriend, he'll use me as leverage over him. Not that Ace would give up his Mafia for me. Santiago looked at my face that clearly showed I was thinking about something. "What's wrong baby, does the fact that I'm from the Mafia scare you?" Santiago asked, pulling me close by my waist and whispering in my ear. "No" I leaned away from him, taken back by his sudden 'touchiness'.

"She's got one of them" A drunk Riley stumbled over to us with a impressed tone; This bitch was seriously going to tell him I had a man in the Mafia, does she want me killed?. "No-no I don't" I panicked, responding quickly. "Baby, if your man tries to hurt you, I will hurt him for you" Santiago slurred as he kissed my hand. I almost gagged but I refrained. I saw the mark of his Mafia, burned into the side of his neck; Burning the symbol onto your skin was a bit extreme for my taste.

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