The fight

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Sophie's POV
Peter, Edmund and I walked out of the How towards the stone walkway whilst the crowds cheered.

Peter turned to me as I told him "Don't let me see you die."

He met eyes with Edmund before turning back to me and swallowing me in a hug. He whispered in my ear "I promise I'll try."

Peter stepped into the circle that had been designated for the fight as he pulled his sword out of its case. Miraz had done this aswell.

"There's still time to surrender." Miraz warned my brother.

"Well, feel free" Peter spat back.

"How many more must die for the throne?" Miraz asked.

"Just one." Peter answered, pulling down his helmet.

I hid behind Edmund as the two crashed against each other.

After a while, the fight intensified. Peter smacked his sword against Miraz's back and he retaliated by knocking Peters helmet off his head. Peter took a swing and it cut Miraz's leg.

Miraz glanced backwards towards one of his moody guards who adjusted his grip on a large crossbow he held in his hands.

Miraz swung at Peters legs causing my brother to fall. However he quickly recovers but is tripped over again. Miraz's foot crashed on Peters shield as Peter cried out in pain.

Miraz took another swing but Peter quickly rolled away. This continued for a while until he managed to trip Miraz up. They both got up at the same time, both heavily breathing.

Peters eyes wandered to someone behind Miraz. I looked up aswell to see Caspian and Susan riding out from the forest. Where was Lucy?

"Does his highness need a respite?" Miraz mocked.

"5 minutes" Peter answered.

"3" Miraz argued.

Peter limped back towards us as Susan dismounted the horse and ran towards where we stood.

"Lucy?" I asked concerned.

"She got through, with a little help." Susan replied, glancing at Caspian.

"Thanks" Peter told Caspian.

"Well, you were busy" Caspian smiled.

"Better get up there just in case. I don't expect the Telmarines will keep their word and take Soph with you." Peter ordered gesturing up to where the archers stood.

"No." I shouted whilst crossing my arms.

"I agree with Peter, you should go up their where Susan can look after you." Edmund added.

"I don't need looking after, I'm not a baby." I replied.

"I know your not a baby but as your older siblings it is our job to protect you. We understand how brave and smart you are and we know you can definitely look after yourself but mum would be disappointed if we didn't at least try to protect you. So please, let us protect you." Peter argued.

"Fine." I scowled, taking Susan's hand. "Be careful though."

"Deal" Peter said laughing.

As we walked away I heard Edmund mutter "Keep smiling" to Peter.

Peter turned towards the Narnians and pushed his sword up to the sky as our army cheered.

Once we had reached the top, I shared a quick hug with Trumpkin before turning back to watch my brothers. The kings walked back to the circle and braced themselves.

Miraz started hitting Peter with his shield. Peter falls as Miraz runs towards him. Peter blocks the sword with his shield and trips Miraz. Both of them quickly get back up again. Peter knocks Miraz sword away from his hands.

However they continue fighting with only one sword between them. Miraz using only his sword. Peter takes a stab but misses. Miraz hits Peters sword and then rams his shield into Peter but Peter catches it. Peter begins to twist the shield before getting elbowed in the face and pushed into a pillar.

Miraz grabs his sword and takes a swing but my brother blocks it with he's arm braces. Peter hits Miraz's injured leg. This made the Telmarine cry out as he dropped his sword.

"Respite, respite!" Miraz screamed.

"Now's not the time for chivalry, Pete" Edmund yelled.

Peter hesitated as Miraz held his hands up, bracing himself for the blow. However, Peter stops himself from hitting Miraz and walks back to where Edmund was stood.

Miraz grabbed his sword and sprinted towards Peter while his back was turned.

"Peter!" I shouted as Edmund yelled "Look out!"

Peter dodges Miraz's sword and grabs it, he twists it around and stabs Miraz underneath the arm. Miraz yells and drops to his knees. Peter hesitates.

"What's the matter boy? To cowardly to take a life?" Miraz mocked.

"It's not mine to take." Peter said quickly and handed Caspian the sword.

The prince took it and raised it above Miraz's head.

"Perhaps I was wrong. It seems you have the making of a Telmar king after all." Miraz mocked and bowed his head.

Caspian let out a yell and stabbed the sword in front of the king barely missing him.

"Not one like you. Keep your life, but I'm giving the narnians back their kingdom." Caspian retorted back.

Caspian turned and looked towards the crowd of narnians as they cheered him on. I waved at him, beaming, and he waved back.

I looked back to wear Miraz was to see one of his guards was helping him up. "My king" the guard said.

"I will deal with you when this is over." Miraz snapped.

Next thing I knew, one of Susan's arrows was sticking out of Miraz's back as the guard shouted "Treachery! They shot him! They murdered our king! To arms."

We watched the armies prepare themselves to fight as I looked up at my eldest sister.

"What?" She murmured as she pushed my behind her.

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