Without you

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Cara approached us, joining the conversation.

"She hates attention" Cara murmured while downing shots of vodka, pointing over at me. "Cara relax on the drinks" Riley scolded as she snatched it away from her. "Get them away" Santi snapped his fingers, signalling his goons to take my friends to one of the other tables. "Sofia, Ace is going to be madddddd" Riley yelled crazily at me. I instantly felt my heart stop at the mention of Ace's name; The most notorious man in the Mafia.

"Who's Ace and you told me your name was Lexi?" Santiago's face became angry, his eyebrows frowning and his jaw clenched. "Oh Ace is my brother and as for my name, I use my middle one when I'm partying" I said the first lie that came to my head.

"Ace......" he waited for a response. "Hernandez" Scarlett shouted as she winked at me, thinking she was doing me a favour. How did she even know his second name?. I must've told her at the sleepover and forgot. Well, there goes my life; not like it was a good one anyway.

I watched as Santiago eventually realised who Scarlett was talking about. His facial expression grew quickly to rage as he scowled at me. "Ace Hernandez!" He shouted at me but since the music was so loud, only me and him could really hear eachother. "She's joking, she's only saying that because she knows you're in the Mafia" I tried to play it off. He grabbed my wrist suddenly, setting off a red flag in my head that probably should've gone off ages ago. "Let go of me!" I hissed at him, trying to force him to release his grip. "Ace doesn't have a sister" Santiago snapped at me. Oh shit.

"Well then, looks like I'm a mystery" I winked at Santiago. "Come spend the night with me and I'll let you go, no strings attached" Santiago proposed yet again, his anger dialling down as he thought I would sleep with him. "No" I shook my head stubbornly. "We're putting up a million fee for you then" Santiago went from furious to violent in the matter of seconds. He grabbed my arm and forced me through the back door of the nightclub.

He had tied my wrists together, behind my back with a zip tie.

He was dragging me down a dark damp vacant street when a car pulled up.

Santiago slipped out his gun that was in his jacket, pointing it at the person who just got out. It was Ace and he was aiming for his head. I immediately stood infront of the gun, knowing it would kill me. "Don't shoot" I hissed at Santiago. "It's a 1 million fee Ace" Santiago yelled at him. Ace had his gun pointing at Santiago.

"You really got yourself into that much debt, how'd you smoke all those drugs?" Ace teased still holding his gun up, acting like he wasn't afraid. "Here, there's the million" Ace showed him the big stack of money in his free hand. Santiago looked surprised that he handed it over that easily.

"Hand her over and you get the cash, I'm not giving you anymore money" Ace shrugged unbothered. I could see Santiago contemplating. "Deal" Santiago shoved me viscously, causing me to fall since I was wearing heals, not to mention the ground that was uneven and rough. I groaned in pain and noticed blood spilling from my head. I glanced up at Ace who seemed furious at Santiago's actions.

Santiago went to grab the money but Ace shot him, right in the head, purely out of anger. I stared at Santiago's body that dropped lifelessly to the ground in less than a second. "Fucking Scar Bloods, such a stupid Mafia name" Ace scoffed frustratedly before picking up his money and walking over to me. He broke my zip ties effortlessly and helped me to my feet.

"You ok" he mumbled, looking at my cheek and head before grabbing my face gently. "Apparently only when I'm with you" I sighed, leaning into his touch. He gave me a slight smile in reply. "Come on love birds" Dante yelled from inside the car.

"Why did you stand in-front of the gun" Ace muttered as he stopped me. "I don't know..." I muttered, only now realising what I did. "You could've died" Ace snarled at me angrily, waiting for a response. "I guess I'm willing to die for you" I replied honestly, catching him off guard and then just walking past him to the car.

Ace's POV:
"I guess I'm willing to die for you" she muttered. I froze. I had never been told that before; If anything I was always told I was broken toy, a piece in a game of chess. I could easily be replaced therefore no one would have to give up there life for me.

I've always been a small part to a bigger game.

She made me feel something with those words. I don't know what it was but it was different. I stood still until Dante's yelling broke me out of my trance. She made me feel wanted not needed. It's different when you're needed, they're using you for their benefits but when they want you, they're willing to spend their time with you and don't want you to get hurt. And now I'm afraid to lose her too.

We finally reached my mansion. The car ride was silent, mainly because of everything that just happened. We got in and Sofia went straight to her room. I went to my office.

I was filling out paperwork when I was interrupted by a knock on my door. People just can't seem to leave me alone. "What?" I hissed at the door. Dante opened it before closing it suspiciously behind him. I could tell he was fucking wasted from here. The reeking smell of alcohol filled the room.

"What's wrong?" I huffed while signing my name on a contract. "Nothing, what's wrong with you?" he mumbled aggressively with an annoyed tone. "Who do you think you're fucking speaking to like that?" I stood up with a demanding tone. "Obviously not the same man from a few months ago" Dante shook his head disappointedly at me. I stayed silent, not understanding what he meant. "She's changing you and I don't like it" he finally admitted, throwing his hands in the air.

"Why does everyone have some sort of problem with her?" I yelled at him frustratedly. "All she is kind, to you, to me, to everyone. She cares about everything so don't stand there and tell me you don't like who I'm becoming, mainly if it's because I'm not as cruel, or selfish or as ignorant".

"You're making horrible decisions because of her" Dante shouted back at me. Dante was my right hand man. If he wasn't, he would've been shot on the spot moments ago but I couldn't deny that I was irrational when it comes to Sofia because I am.

"You're going to cause war with the Scar bloods over a girl, you're the fucking Ace Hernandez, leader of the Reapers, start acting like it" Dante shoved me. I sharply turned my stare to him. I grabbed his arm roughly. "You want to see cruel Dante?" I hissed at him. I grabbed his arm and forced it into my knee, snapping his elbow. I earned a scream from Dante as he dropped to the floor. "You want to see me ignorant Dante?!" I shouted as I held him up by his shirt collard before kicking him on the ground. Dante groaned, coughing uncontrollably from my kick. "You want ruthless, I'll give you ruthless" I snarled furiously.

I kicked him again. "Please, I'm sorry" Dante pleaded with me. I clenched my jaw as cracked my knuckles. "Fuck you" I spat at him. "Get out of my sight" I ordered instantly. walking back to my chair . "I take it back, she's only made you worse" Dante muttered while limping out of the room.

I was still furious. I stood up and walked over to the wall, smashing my fist straight through it, attempting to relieve my anger.

Maybe it's best if I keep my distance from her.

Sofia's POV :
Ace had been treating me coldly ever since the incident. I drew a rose whilst sitting at my desk, letting time pass me by.

"Ace told me you could have this" Terry came in. It was my phone!. "Oh my god" I shrieked with happiness, swiping the phone out of Terry's hands and jumping on my bed. I saw that Ace had already put his contact in.

I tried to talk to him over the past couple days and he just shrugged and walked away which was very rude may I add.

I started watching YouTube and thought about what I wanted to be. I couldn't sit around all day in Ace's mansion. I've always wanted to be a doctor or nurse since I was a kid. It just seemed so interesting to me. I loved the idea of saving kids especially but I knew that if I wanted to go to collage, I'd have to finish school. I'm an honour student so getting the marks wouldn't be a problem but I'll probably have to switch schools. There's only 5 months left of school anyways.

I'll ask Ace and see what he says .

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