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Intro Begins

Y/n was walking towards Beacon with his team,alongside with his sister and her team. Next it shows him fighting off Grimm and White fang with a righteous Fury. After that he is shown to be sitting outside while someone is with him as they lie down resting her head on his shoulder. Then it shows imperial vessels in space as the adeptus astartes of the Silver Bear and others make their warp jump into the unknown. Lastly he is shown to look up at the night sky as a growl of a mighty bear is heard as he says these words.

"I will never fear what lurks in the darkness. For I am my father's sword and the Imperiums Shield. I will fight the enemies of mankind in his name. To serve and protect the citizens of the Imperium. For I am my father's son and always will be. Nothing will stop me no heretic,traitor or demon of making my dream come true. I will never stop fighting for my father, the Imperium,for Arterious, Remnant,my sons,my family,friends and those I hold dear. This is who I am. Y/n Rose Primarch of the XXI Legion, will give the light of hope to those who need it. As the mighty beast, I will stand tall and valiant as the bulwark against terror. For I shall know no fear."

Intro ends.

(hope you guys like the intro. )

In the airship to beacon many years later

In the big airship that is transporting the first year students to beacon. They were all talking or sitting down. But for one certain person he sat near the window. With his custom suit of armor with two large shoulder paldrons. The armor also has the two headed golden Eagle in his chest piece that he only knows what it truly is. His armor is colored in silver the same a show eyes. On his right arm he has made a custom two barrel gun with his own custom rounds. A helmet secured to his waist unknown design to others. On his left shoulder holds the image of a bear.

As well a longsword resting next to him as like the rest of his gear custom made

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As well a longsword resting next to him as like the rest of his gear custom made. The cross guard had two wings in the center as a five finger paw was in the center. Though what made him stand out was the scratch marks he has in his armor.

This is Y/n Rose,17 years old heading to beacon. He wasn't like most kids his age and his mom knew it as well. He handle himself like a experienced warrior and shows a mastery over the blade not many his age even prodigies can match. As well he is more intelligent and athletic. Not many knew why but Y/n did.

He still retained his memories from his previous life as the Primarch. As he was growing up he was intrigued by Remnant and wonder why his father has saved him.he gave it a fair bit of though until he continue to learn more until reaching a conclusion. That is when he read on the Grimm and how they threaten humanity and faunus. As well he enjoy his time with his Mother and little sister Ruby Rose. He gets along well with yang and Tai.

Y/n was in Signal academy with then during a time, until when he gotten his gear and left the academy. He went on a small campaign of his own fighting against Grimm,bandits and White fang where ever they threaten. He spent four years fighting and defending the defenseless until his mom caught up to him.

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