Chapter 7

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[A/N: I want to turn my books into short movies but I don't know where to start and I don't know if people would watch]


Trinity has been complaining about how we haven't been spending enough time together for the last two hours.

"So what do you want to do man you want to have dinner". I ask looking up from my phone.

"No, I want to go to the club and have fun". She said causing me to smack my lips.

"You can go to the damn club by yourself if that's the case trinity". I said opening up my messages between me and Avalon.

"Okay but I want you to go with me". She said and I just shook my head.

"Alright man go get ready so we can go cause I'm really gone treat yo ass in a minute". I said waiting for a reply from Avalon.

Seeing that she wasn't gone text me back I stand up slipping my phone into my pocket.

"Trinity let's go, man, I don't want to be out all night". I said smacking my lips as I stood at the end of the steps.

"I'm coming damn why you rushing me". She said holding the rail as she walked down the stairs.

Not saying anything to her I turn around and walk out the door towards the car.


Cutting the car off I get out and wait for Trinity.

"Man come on". I said hitting the hood of the car.

"Stop rushing me". She said as she got out of the car.

I'm not gone make it through the night.


Looking around the club I sip my apple juice and twerk a little as I rubbed my stomach.

"okay mama". Indy said hyping me up as she slapped my butt.

"I need to sit down I'm tired". I said fanning myself as I went to take a seat.

"Girl here comes Trinity". Indy said tapping my shoulder.

"Oh my gosh". I mumbled as I rolled my eyes.

"Hey, little sis". She said trying to reach down and give me a hug as Jesus walked up.

"We not cool so don't try it". I said holding my hand up leaning back.

"See baby I told you she's always been the mean one not me". She said looking back at Jesus with a sad look and he looked over at me mugging me.

"Yo Avalon stop playing with me". He said causing me and Indy to scrunch up our eyebrows.

"I'm sorry who are you". I ask causing Indy to laugh.

His nose started flaring and he walked over snatching me up and dragging me away.

Pushing me into the bathroom he pushes open all the stalls as I stood off to the side.

"Get the fuck out". He said to a girl that was walking out of the last stall and she rushed out.

Slamming and locking the door he looked over at me.

"Stop disrespecting my girl dog you disrespectful as hell and jealous as fuck you don't have to treat her that way". He said causing me to draw my head back in disbelief.

"I'm disrespectful". I ask pointing to myself.

"Yea". He said nodding folding his arms.

" I'm disrespectful, no what's disrespectful is you staying with a bitch that was fucking around on you when you got caught in that jam". I said mugging him.

"Yo, you still on that shit man what you mad that I'm not fucking you that's why you got to make up shit about my girl". He said walking up in my face as I held my hand up to stop him from walking any closer.

"You know what I'm done". I said walking around him.

"Cause you know what I'm saying is true but go ahead and run off like you been doing since we were kids". He said laughing a little causing me to stop walking.

Turning around I walk over and slap him before unlocking the door and walking out.

Making my way through the crowd I look for Indy so that she can take me home. Finally spotting her walking back to our section I walk over and stop her from sitting down.

" Let's go". I said grabbing her arm.

"Okay". She said following behind me.

Once we make it out of the club she stops me and turns me towards her.

"what's wrong baby". She asked and that's when the tears started falling.

"It's like everything I do for him is never good enough I try my hardest and the shit seems to just blow up in my face". I said as I continued to cry while she tried to wipe my tears.

"What happened". She asked with a confused look on her face.

"Nothing can you just take me home". I ask and she nods.

"Yea come on sweetie". She said opening my car door and letting me get settled before closing my door and going over to the driver's side.

As she started driving I lean my head back on the seat and ask myself.

How did we get to this point?...


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