First Encounter

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They look around and see something laying on the wet sand, it has been washed up on the beach from afar and kind of resembles a person, they rush towards it to see if it's ok, As hey get closer  they find out what it is. It's an unconscious girl, and she is severely injured with her lower half of her body covered with algae,

Zangetsu checks on her vitals "She is alive, but we need to treat her wounds quickly"

"Ok lets take her to the car, there's a first aid kit in there" Vert responds.

Vert then picks her up and they walk back to the car, after a while they get to the car and Zangetsu takes out the first aid kit and starts treating her wounds.

While Zangetsu was healing her wounds Vert decided to go back to the beach and see if there was any trace of what caused those injuries on the girl and also see if maybe she dropped something along the way that could help them see who she is. Once he gets to the beach he starts to look around and notice and sword stuck in the sand he walks up to it and looks at it.

(This is how the sword looks like, ignore the guy holding it its only the sword)

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(This is how the sword looks like, ignore the guy holding it its only the sword)

"Wow this sword is beautiful, maybe this belongs to that girl, I wonder how she carried this it looks to big for a normal person to carry it..." Vert says as he keeps looking at it

Then he holds it by the grip and pulls it out  having trouble holding it.

"Man this thing is heavy as hell!" As he says that the orb in the sword starts to glow and becomes easier to hold. Vert surprised by this lets go of the sword and walks back a bit, "What the hell was that?!" He then hears something coming from the water his ears perk up, he then grabs the sword and a sheath that was a few feet from it and runs to where the car.

After he left two persons come out of the water there lower body being a fin, but in a moment that fin changed into two feet.

"Where did that little bitch run of with the sword?!" Says the leopard looking one

"Calm down Vanes, she could have not gone that far" Says the tiger looking one

"Let's hope you are right, when I find that bitch she will pay for taking that sword!!!" Says Vanes

The two then walk in the opposite direction of where Vert and Zangetsu are.

After a few minutes Vert gets to the car and see's Zangetsu waiting outside of the car with a shocked face.

"Hey what's with the face" Vert says

"You might want to look at this" Zangetsu then walks up to the car's door and opens it. Vert approaches and see's what Zangetsu saw and is shocked with what he sees, it's a light green fin.

Vert looks at Zangetsu and says "S-She i-is a m-mermaid!!"

Vert then looks at her upper body and sees the bandages covering her.

"She is a mermaid also she is fine just needs a little rest that's all" Zangetsu says looking at her as well

"That's good to hear, have you checked her fin? Is it really a real fin?" Verts says with a curious face while looking at that at the girl.

"Yeah I checked the fin and its indeed 100% real, she also has gills in the sides of her neck" Zangetsu says with a smile in his face

Vert is left speechless, he lets the sword go and puts his hands in his head and laugh "HAHA Zangetsu we did it we are the first persons to find mermaid!!!"

"Yeah we are but keep your voice at a minimum we don't know what she is capable of" Zangetsu says

"Oh yeah sorry about that I just got to excited" Vert says as he tries hold his excitement, "Oh yeah I forgot" He picks up the sword of the ground and shows it to Zangetsu "I found this in the beach when I was looking for anything we could identify her with"

Zangetsu looks at the sword and says "Could it be a ancient relic of their society or probably a weapon they use for combat"

"Whatever this sword is it has some strange qualities, when i took it out of the sand it was heavy but once I said it was heavy for me it became lighter and I could carry it easier, it's very strange" Vert says as he looks at the sword

"Very strange indeed probably our friend here could lighten our questions" Zangetsu says as he points at the mermaid

(Well thats another one done hope you enjoy it see you in the next one)

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