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"Aceeeee" I asked in a high pitched tone, signalling to him that I wanted something.

"What?" he hissed at me from behind his office door. He's been so angry lately. "Fine then" I muttered walking away; I'll just do it since he doesn't seem to care anymore.

I know he's a mafia boss but can he try and be nice for once, would it kill him?.

I took out my laptop that Ace had gotten me when I first moved in, well forced me to move in. I signed up for a private school and I may have used Ace's bank card but it's ok. He'll find out eventually. I chose a school that specifically had ties to a medical school or collage.

I can only hope it'll be a drama free year.

I sat on my phone waiting patiently for an email back.

I finally heard the ding after an hour. I almost had a heart attack, not gonna lie. I threw myself out of the bed and opened the email.

I was accepted, how the fuck was I accepted? I've missed like a million days but I guess my grades made up for it. It did say in the email that I actually had to attend or my place would be given away. I responded back with a thank you and they told me that my first day started on Monday which was in 2 days and that I had a uniform was compulsory.

I'm finally going to do something with my life instead of sitting around in Ace's mansion all day.

I listened to music and watched a few shows before going downstairs to eat. I ordered some pizza and washed some of the dishes while waiting. "Hey" I heard someone say. I turned around to see Dante. "Hey" I smiled at him before turning back to do the dishes.

"So, hows your day been?" He asked. "To be honest, pretty good" I smiled happily. I was lying, no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't brush off the fact Ace was angry with me. Is it because I went to the club? Or is it because of what I said before getting into the car?.

It could be anything.

In the midst of my confusion, I dropped a plate into the sink causing it to smash.

"Ok, step away from the broken plate" Dante joked, pushing me away with his body since his arm was broke. I shook my head while sighing.

The doorbell rang. I strolled out of the kitchen, leaving Dante to attempt to clean the plate. "Hey Dante, do you want some?" I offered, strolling back into the kitchen. "Fuck yes" he cheered running into the living room.

He turned on the tv as I carried in the pizza. "You should probably get Ace" Dante sighed hesitantly before I threw him an unimpressed look as a response. "That's a no then, I'll take it that you two are arguing again?" Dante asked nervously which was kind of suspicious to me. "Not really" I sighed defeated. "But I guess I'll get him" I stood up, walked up the stairs and down the hallway of bedrooms.

I didn't know if Ace was in his bedroom or office. I checked his office and he wasn't there so I walked over to his room.

"You used my card?" I heard him ask. How did he even know I was here?. "Yeah" I admitted, walking into his room. "To go to a new school" he sounded angry but he always sounds angry. "If you don't like it, well then that's too bad isn't it?" I pouted at him. He spoke while looking out his window with his back to me.

"You're such a child" he growled at me. "What's your problem" I hissed back at him. He turned to me. "Why are you being like this?" I pleaded for an answer. "This is me" he rolled his eyes. "No, no it's not" I shook my head. "I'm bad" he chuckled evilly. He was starting to worry me now. Was it actually an act?. "I just want your virginity but you wouldn't give it up so easily so I had to pretend to care" he snickered, lighting a cigarette. He looked me dead in the eye. "I don't feel anything for you, I never have, I've been sleeping with girls behind your back for awhile now" he chuckled again lightly.

"I'm done with pretending" he grumbled.

"Ok" I shrugged. His words were like a knife to my heart but I couldn't let him have the satisfaction of hurting me; I couldn't show him I was upset. "I'm packing my shit and I'm leaving" I broke the silence. "You read my mind" he grinned happily. My heart ached as I turned around and walked to my room.

I had nowhere else to go. I grabbed my bags and started shoving clothes into them. He followed me into my room, probably to make sure I was packing. It's basically winter and it's freezing outside. I knew I had only one place to go. I bit my lip to try and stop my eyes from watering.

I grabbed his key from out of my drawer. I stared at him. I approached him and he was trying to figure out what I was going to do. I raised the key to his chain but then decided to just pull it off. He should feel a fraction of the pain I'm feeling. He stared at me, blankly. I grabbed the bag and threw it over my shoulder, storming out of the room.

Don't look back; don't.

I jogged passed Dante . "Where are you going?" Dante asked frantically. "Anywhere but here" I responded angrily not even bothering to turn around. I opened the door and saw snow on the ground but I kept walking.

Before I had gone too far I turned around to Ace. "I was wrong, you are a bad person but that makes you happy right?" I stared at him. I shouldn't have stooped to his level but I had to hurt him somehow. Ace watched as I walked down to the gate and left, turning out of his vision.

I was so angry that all I could do was walk. I didn't have a coat on and it was snowing heavily; Of course he decides to tell me in the middle of winter. I walked down the road, I didn't trust the girls enough to let me stay at their house but that's when I realised there was no one else.


I walked like a zombie for hours until it was light out and I had reached my home. This is what it has come to?. Nobody wanted me, I was useless.

I wandered up to the door. My fingers turning blue from the cold. I knocked on the door but as soon as I did, I immediately regretted this decision. The beatings I would have to endure because of- Raul. He saw me and his eyes widened with shock; I don't think they ever expected to see me again. "You're home" he hugged me but I didn't move. I couldn't feel most of my body. "Is father here?" I asked him as I shivered. "Yeah" Raul shook his head disappointingly. "But he's so sick he's stuck in bed" He said with a positive tone.

"Sofia" I heard a weak voice yell. "Fuck sake" Raul scoffed as he rolled his eyes, bringing me in. I slugged my way upstairs. "Yes father?" I mumbled as I walked into his bedroom. "Why are you back, I disowned you?" he yelled at me before coughing hysterically. "I have no where to go father, please" I begged him. "Get on your knees and beg" he smiled evilly.

I thought about it; I didn't even have any pride or dignity left to loose anyways. I knelt next to him and begged him to take me back. "Now pray for my safe recovery" he smirked, knowing I hated this. "I pray for your safe recovery" I forced a slight smile for my own sake.

"Throw her in the basement, disgusting filth, not even her own fiancé wanted her" He hissed viciously at me. "Calm down" my mother relaxed him, spoon feeding him soup.

I couldn't believe Ace didn't feel anything for me at all. It felt real; The things I felt for him were real. I can't take them back, I wish I could. I still had school on Monday so atleast I had something to look forward to.

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