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Nicolette's POV
I sat on top of tree watching the bright day turn into night. The sky was painted with shades of orange, purple, blue, and yellow.

I could feel that my cheeks were stained with tears that I had cried earlier. I lift my head off of the trunk of the tree and pull the loose strands of hair that got stuck in the cracks of the tree.

"Nicolette?" I hear from the bottom of trees. My eyes widened as I hear the familiar voice, Malcom's voice. Why couldn't it be anyone else. The soft crunch of leaves he stepped on was like an echo through the quiet forest.

"Nicolette is you can hear me, I'm sorry about whatever Darius said too you. He's a blundering idiot," he yelled into the forest. His voice echoed through the forest causing me to loose where he walking.

I stand up on branch and balance myself up on it, holding onto the trunk for balance.

"Shit," I mumble as my foot sips off the branch and breaks a small twit off of it. I watch it as falls and before I throughly to stop it with my powers it hit the forest floor causing Malcom to snap his head in that direction.

"Nicolette stop running its going to get you no where," he said going to the base of the tree and looking up at me. "I told you we would work it out together."

I jumped off of the branch that kept me company for hours. I landed swiftly land in front of him and my long coat falling behind me.

"I don't want to work it out Malcom, I don't want to be here with you, ruling this pack," I said. His face morphed into a soft gaze at me.

"Why?" He asks me.

"I almost burned those kids to day because I got angry at Darius. Wh-what if I get angry, angrier than I got with Darius. This whole pack, this kingdom could be destroyed the second I snap. Everything you have worked on for centuries could be gone because your mate couldn't her temper. Do you want people to go around laughing about how your pack has been destroyed by their own Luna? I'm a monster Malcom," I whisper the last part to him. His hazel eyes softened as he stared into my eyes.

"You think you're a monster? I've killed hundreds Nicolette. I've put my pack in danger several times because of my foolish ways. My mother is sitting in her cottage on the edge of the forest alone all because my father wasn't a good mate. Nicolette I said we would work through this together. Together, not just one person. I can't do this alone Nicolette," he said pleadingly.

"Malcom," I said shaking my head. "I'm a danger to the people around me. Why do you think I've kept myself in complete isolation from people for centuries and you want me to suddenly live in a pack of wolves for the rest of my life? And how will they react when their Luna is a freak. A clown show. They won't trust me," I said.

"Nicolette," he whispered. He placed a hand on my cheek and I stepped back one step as my heart started to pound in my chest. The sparks danced through or skin from where he touched me. "If I didn't believe you couldn't be Luna I would still be pushing you away."

"Malcom," I whispered. My heart thundered through my body and I felt Malcom's heartbeat thundering, in sync with mine.

"I want to work things out with you, Nicolette. Fall in love, treat you better than my father ever did to my mother. Lead this pack with you. Make you Queen Luna. Start a family, have children runni-."

"And what if I hurt them like I almost hurt those children out there. I burst into a literal ball of flames," I said moving away from him.

"If you love them, you wouldn't be able to bring yourself to hurt them," he said. My hands began to lightly shake.

"Gods Nicolette, I'm scared too but together we'll learn to get through it together, I promise," he whispers. My eyes gleamed as I stared at him. I nod slowly as take a few deep breaths.
Malcom's POV
I watched her as she slept peacefully, staring at how gracefully her hair fell on top of her face. I close the curtains so that nothing could possibly wake her in the morning.

I watched her as her chest moved up and down at a steady pace. I watch her for any signs that she was going to burn a hole through the walls.

Or I was here to watch her because of her sheer beauty. No one could deny it. She was beautiful and the Moon Goddess blessed me with her as my mate but I threw that chance in the trash the second I opened my mouth and said something to her.

I threw away my chance to have her actually want to be my mate. I slowly stalked my way to the arm chair that was in the corner of her room and stared at my beauty of a mate.

Gods I'm so stupid for pushing her way because I was scared that she might end up like my mum.

I watched her face morph from a sense of calmness to concern. Her heartbeat started to race as she started to move about her bed but she was not awake. She was having a nightmare.

I quietly pull the arm chair next to her and grab hold of her hand that slung over her body. She visibly calmed at my touch. The sparks causing my wolf to fall more and more in love with her.

Her breathing started to slow down and her heart beat started to beat at a normal pace. I breathed in her scent and continued to stare at her sleeping until I eventually drifted into a deep sleep of mine.

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