Cheater!ColeXReader: One Last Time

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Key: L/F/M= Least favorite movie
The phone trembled in your hand as you choked back tears, whimpers falling past your lips.

You knew something was wrong. He was more distant, coming home late at night, not letting you use his phone, the cliche of any cheating boyfriend.

This just slapped it all together.

The picture on the screen tore at your heart, crushing it to pieces.

This was the last straw.

The phone vibrated in your hand, a 'ping' chirping through the cold air.

'What are you going to do?'

You stared at the message. You turned your gaze to your closet, where your clothing hung beside his.

Trembling, you pulled out a suitcase, shoving clothing and other belongings into the hollow fabric. You sobbed as you picked up a picture of you and Cole, arms wrapped tight around each other, smiling. You plucked it from the glass, ripping it apart.

"I should have known." You whimpered.

You grit your teeth, throwing the frame across the room. It shattered against the wall, wood and glass falling to the floor. You slapped your hands onto your face, allowing the sobs to rack your body.

As your sobs slowed to sniffles, your heart fluttered at the picture of Cole, his smile bright and loving.

Your heart clenched. Why couldn't you hate him? Why did your heart still love him?

You stared out the window. He would be home in an hour.

"One last time." You said weakly, wiping your tears. "I'll have him to myself one last time."


The door clicked open as Cole made his way inside, yawning.

"Hi Cole." You said quietly.

He blinked, surprised to see you up. You would usually be asleep by now.

"Hey baby." He said. "Why are you still up?"

You bit your lip, fiddling with your fingers, praying he couldn't see the tears swelling in your eyes.

"I-I was wondering if we could watch a movie tonight." You said.

He blinked, rubbing the back of his neck.

"I don't know baby, I'm pretty tired." He said, making his way to the stairs. "How about tomorrow?"

You grabbed his sleeve, bringing him to a stop.

"J-Just for tonight?" You asked quietly.

He hesitated before sighing, running a hand through his hair.

"Alright." He said.

You smiled, tugging him towards the couch.

"I'll go get some blankets and the movie." You said, rushing up the stairs.

He rolled his eyes, plopping down onto the couch. His phone vibrated.

Nya: Hey babe are you coming over tonight??

Cole: Nah, I'm going to spend the night with my girl.

Nya: I thought I was your girl😩😩

Before he could respond, you made your way down the stairs, bundles of blankets in your arms. You plopped down on the couch beside him.

"So what movie are we watching?" He asked.

You pulled out his favorite, which happened to be your least favorite, l/f/m. He rose a brow, looking at you curiously.

"I thought you didn't like that movie." He said as you popped it into the disk player.

"I-I wanted to try it." You said nervously, going to sit beside him.

He shrugged, wrapping his arm around you as the screen began to brighten, making your heart lurch.


That night after the movie, you peeled open your eyes, tears already beginning to fall. Slowly, you turned, staring at his sleeping face one last time before slipping out of bed, taking the notes you had written and placing them around the house, along with the picture. You slipped your suitcase from underneath the bed, placing one final kiss to his lips before disappearing into the night.


The next morning, Cole came home with a smirk on his face. He had proved Jay wrong.

"She's going to find out."

"How is she going to find out? It's not like she stalks me."

"When she finds out she's going to leave you."

"No she's won't, and she'll never find out."

"Baby?" He called.

No answer, no rustle, no thuds or calls.

"Babe?" He called again. He looked around. The kitchen was empty of life, as was the living room and bathroom.

He made his way upstairs. The bedroom was empty. A bad feeling coiled in his gut, his skin beginning to sweat.

"Baby!?" He called again.

He threw open the closet door. His eyes widened. Your entire side of the closet was gone, not a single shirt or dress.

"Babe this isn't funny!" He yelled, flying down the stairs.

He tore up the house, searching every nook and cranny.

You weren't here.

He sat heavily on the bed, his head in his hands.

"Where did she go? Did she leave? Did she find out?!" He breathed deeply. "Calm down, she probably just cleaned out her clothing to get them washed, and she's probably out at a friends. But why wouldn't she text me?"

Just then, he noticed a flash of silver on the bedside table. His fingers trembled as he picked up the ring he had given you on their first year anniversary. Beside it was a note.

How long has it been since you told me the truth?

His skin paled. He flew down the stairs only to find the necklace he gave you on their second year anniversary. Another note beside it.

Why did you lie?

He found the diamond earrings on the table, the ones from their third anniversary.

I'm sorry I couldn't please you.

Tears filled his eyes as he found a picture of Nya and him in a heated make out on the front door, along with the diamond ring he gave you on your fourth anniversary.

Have fun with Nya.


Another one-shot finished! I'm debating on making a part two of this, what do you think?


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