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josh stretched, rolling over and cuddling back into his blanket. he groaned when his phone started ringing.

he leaned over and answered it, flinching as he heard zacks loud voice.


zack was joshs bestfriend. they've been friends for as long as he could remember. they both were the same age and went to the same school. josh had just recently turned 16, and zack turned it last year in september.

it was the summer between joshs sophomore and junior year right now, a couple days before june, and it was the summer between tyler's freshman and sophomore year at osu.

"what the hell do you want?" josh groaned, closing his eyes.

"it's two o'clock in the fucking after noon. you're supposed to come over today!" he laughed.

"it's not my fault you wake up at like 9 every morning." josh said.

"get your bitch ass over here before i come get you."

"fine. is tyler there?" josh giggled.

"yes tylers here, so you can say hi to him and then awkwardly run to my room." zack said, josh sighing. tyler was zacks older brother. he was 19 and in college. he played basketball for osu. he was 6' 2", and was very muscled up and had a good body. he was very tan as well.

"i'm gonna marry him someday." josh said. josh was bi, but mostly into guys.

"you do that. but first get your ass over here."

"fine fine fine i'm on my way." he said, hanging up the phone. he stretched out, one of those exorcism leg shaking stretches, before getting up and grabbing a bag. he packed some clothes, his charger and everything in it before changing into some shorts and a t-shirt.

he headed downstairs, seeing his 11 year old twin sisters in the kitchen eating lunch with his 5 year old brother.

"hey joshua, nice of you to join us." laura smiled at him.

"hey mom. i'm gonna head to zacks if that's okay." he said.

"that's fine. have fun." she hugged him.

"bye guys." he said to his siblings, everyone saying bye back. he headed outside and got in his jeep, starting it up and heading to the joseph household.

he arrived and got out, walking up to the door and just walking in, because he's been there enough times to not have to knock.

"finally ohmygod." zack huffed, josh giggling and saying hey.

"oh joshua glad you're here!" kelly said, coming up and hugging him.

"hey." he smiled.

"did you bring a bathing suit?" zack asked.

"yeah. we gonna go swim?" josh asked. the joseph's had a large pool in their backyard.

"yeah. if you want." zack said.

"sure, let's go change." josh said, following him up the stairs to zacks room. "is tyler in his room?"

"yeah, why?" zack laughed.

"i just wanna look at him." josh sighed, flopping back on to zack bed.

"you can look at me." zack said, taking his shirt off.

"not good enough." josh said, laughing after.

"hey i came out of the same vagina as him." zack said.

"that is true. close enough i guess." josh said, getting changed as well.

"keelie is here." zack said.

"ugh. she's so pretty and nice and it's not fair he'll never fall in love with me." josh whined.

"he's also straight." zack added, laughing.

"everyone is a little gay, come on." josh said. they walked outside, to the backyard. kelly came out as well.

"hey, if y'all don't mind will you watch jay? he wants to swim too." she said.

"yeah no problem." zack said. jay walked out in a his little swimsuit that was blue with pineapples on them. kelly put sunscreen on him, before sliding his floaties on.

"hey buddy, how are you?" josh asked him once he got into the pool with them.

"hey josh i'm good!" jay said, swimming over to him. zack got all his toys and put them in the water.

"i'm so jealous of maddy." zack whined. she was at the beach with her bestfriend. today was monday.

"yeah why can't you take me to the beach." josh said.

"that's between you and my parents." zack said. "actually i think they were saying something about going to the beach and if we go i'm bringing you."

"i hope so i wanna go so bad."

"yeah me too. maybe." zack said, going under water to get his hair wet. josh copied.

"whatcha got?" josh asked, going over to the stairs with jay.

"my water toys." he said, handing josh one. josh started playing with him.

"joshhhh," zack sung, pointing to the sliding door where you could see tyler through it. he was in his bathing suit, and keelie was in hers with a towel wrapped around her.

"ohmygod. he's so hot. zack he's so hot. what the fuck he's so hot." josh said.

"she's so hot." zack said, josh laughing.

"i'll take him you take her. perfect." josh said, laughing. tyler walked out with keelie.

"hey guys. hey josh." tyler said smiling. tyler knew josh had a crush on him. everyone knew. it was like a joke between their family's.

"hey." josh blushed.

"tyler look!" jay said, showing him his toy.

"is that the one mamaw got you?" tyler asked.

"yeah!" he said.

"that's pretty cool." he smiled, setting his cup down. he sat on the pool chair, keelie sitting in the one next to him. his bathing suit was blue with pink flowers, and he had on sunglasses.

"zack, did mom say anything about dinner to you?" tyler asked. man even his voice was hot.

"no why?" zack said.

"cause i wanna know what she's makin. big hungry." he said, slapping his stomach. keelie giggled.

"yeah i dunno, she hasn't said nothing." zack said.

"we should go eat sushi." josh said.

"we might just have to to that." zack nodded.

"ty ty are you not gonna swim?" jay asked.

"no buddy i'm just tanning." tyler said, looking up from his phone.

"what does that mean?" he asked.

"i'm laying under the sun so my skin will get darker." tyler said.

"am i tanning?" jay asked.

"yep." tyler chuckled.

josh snuck a glance at tylers shirtless body, literally screaming inside at how perfect he was.

what he didn't know, is tyler saw him, and maybe, just maybe, he snuck in a few glances himself.

A/N: first chapter is up! yay!

it's kinda cool to me writing a book that takes place in summer. i always do them in school.

anyways, yeah some things are changed than the once shot, and i'll alter it when i publish that chapter.

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