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Nicolette's POV
It was there at once but then it had disappeared. The dream that haunted me the night before started playing again in my hair but the it blew away. It was dark but a peaceful dark, one that I wasn't afraid of.

The rest of my sleep was peaceful with no interruptions. One of the best sleeps I had gotten since I had arrived in this pack.

My eyes open slowly as I finally woke up from my sleep. My wolf was surprisingly relaxed and content with the sleep she had gotten.

I felt movement next to me and almost let out a scream as I see Malcom next to me with his fingers interlaced with mine. He sat in the uncomfortable arm-chair that I could never get comfortable in and his head lay next to my pillow but not on it.

I slowly and carefully remove my hand from his and stared at him sleeping on my bed. Why is he even in here? I shrug and walked into the closet and grabbed a sweater and wrapped it over my body.

The cold winter air had cooled the house down and the heater had went back into the air conditioning setting which made the house extremely cold.

I put some slippers on to refrain the cold tiles from freezing my feet. The snores of Malcom filled the empty room as I walked out and shut the door behind me.

I walk into the kitchen to decide what to have for breakfast or lunch. I didn't really check the time when I was in my room.

I opened the fridge and took out the last blood bag and stuck a straw in it and walked around the house. Paintings decorated the massive hallways. All different kinds but signed by the same person. 'Denali'

These were all her paintings. Some were paintings of Darius and Malcom and some were of sceneries and more. I wandered through the castle he calls a house and eventually stumbled upon the library.

I open the large carved wooden doors and stared at the walls of books. I marveled at every one of them as I walked through and scanned each title.

Werewolves: What to know about them

Witches: What to know about them

Vampires: What to know about them

I picked up the werewolf one and skimmed through the pages reading already known information. It was amazing how many details a human could get wrong about werewolves.

'Werewolves shift into their wolf on full moons,' false we have control over our shifts. 'Werewolves listen to one person, the Alpha," wrong wolves of higher ranks are to be listened to also.

"Why are you reading a book about Werewolves when you already know everything," a voice said. I closed the book and looked up to Lucas standing near the door, leaning on the frame.

"Did you know a human wrote this?" I asked him as I put the book back in it's place and plopping down on one of the dust, fabric couches.

"Yes I do know that was written by a human, Ive read that book before," he said taking a seat from across me and leaned back in the seat.

"Then why are you questioning everything about reading a book when you've read it too?" I ask him folding my hands.

"Touché," he nodded. I forced back my smile from my small victory and crossed my legs and stared up at the books. The walls went on forever and every single inch was filled with books.

I walked over to the wall and whispered a spell. My body lifted from the ground as I was practically floating on air as I moved up the library shelves.

An invisible shield of magic followed me as I stepped and read all the Titles on the higher shelves.

"You know there's a ladder right there," Lucas said pointing to it, right next to me. I shrug and continued to read the Titles.

"You smell like Malcom," he commented as I drift down back to the ground. I groan as I turn my head to sniff myself.

"Well I woke up and he was next to me and holding my hand so it's not my fault," I shrugged. He just kind of stared at me as I sat back down.

"He was in your room?" He asks me. I thought nothing of it as I nodded. "There's one thing Malcom loves more than himself and it's sleep."

"He even slept in the uncomfortable arm-chair I shrug. My head snapped over to the library doors as a warrior burst into the library. His face had worry written all over it.

"Beta Lucas they are back on pack lands," he said to him. They didn't have to know who was here. My parents murderer was back to finish what he came here to start. I leapt to my feet but Lucas flung me back into my seat by my shoulder.

"You are not leaving this building," he growled at me. I let out a snarl as I stood up again.

"He came here for me so that's what he's getting," I growl. "And nobody gives me orders." I storm out of the library and out of the front door.

I could feel that there was an unwanted presence on pack lands. It reeked of rouges from the forest so that's where I went.

I jumped into the trees and swiftly jumped from branch to branch. I heard footsteps on the forest floor as I saw warriors going in the same direction I was going in.

I saw a large group of rouges deep in the forest all listening to the same male in the middle. The person who wants to kill me. I look back and I see Lucas behind me staring at the group of rouge males.

"Silentia," I whisper.

"Tell your men to hold their fighting I can take them all down," I said out loud. The rouges should have heard me with their super hearing and all but I had cast a spell.

"Why the hell are you talking so loud?" He growls quietly. I roll my eyes and let out a piercing scream into the forest. Nothing happened. The birds didn't fly away in fright and no rouges stared at me in shook.

"A simple spell I put anyway do as I say," I said. He stared at me like I was crazy. I roll my eyes and decided to do it myself.

"Warriors please refrain from attacking the rouges in front of you. The female witch in the tree will take care of it," I said in the mind link. Something my father taught my also was to be able to cut through pack links.

Their eyes widened as they stared at me and I have a soft smile and waved at them a little. I took the spell of and jumped to the ground and made sure they heard me land.

"Hello trespassers of this wonderful pack. It so happens that the King Alpha doesn't take well to trespassers so I would recommend you take off or die," I simply said. One let out a bellowing laugh and shook his head.

"Ah Nicolette what a surprise," the murderer said. I've decided to call him murderer since I did not know his name yet.

"Get these rouges off this land right now," I growl at him. He looks back at them and shakes his head no at me.

"I quite like them here. They give me and extra sense of protection while I'm here trespassing on your mate's land," he grins at me.

"Yeah what are you going to do anyway your just a measly girl," one laughed. The corners of my lips moved upright as I let out a breath and a small amount of smoke cane out.

"Simple party tricks," the same one laughs again. I watch his face morph from humor to pure terror. He clenched his stomach as his breathing suddenly halted and his body started to turn into gray particles.

You could easily mistake that I had turned him into stone but I lifted my hand and a hush of wind cane from my hand and his body disappeared as ash flew away. I burned him from inside out.

"An Elemental Witch," someone gasped. I let out a chuckle as I snapped my fingers and all their necks snapped and they fell to the ground.

"You wish I was just an Elemental Witch," I said. The murderer groaned as he stared at all the rouges on the ground.

"You ruined all my fun, I guess I'll come back with a bigger army later," he shrugged and disappeared from a blink of and eye.

I stayed looking forward until my world turned black.
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