November 13, 2014 - The new "My Works"

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The new My Works is slowly rolling out! Check it out above. Improved features include:
- Easily reorder story parts (chapters) by dragging and dropping
- Easily add a cover, story description, and tags
- Easily mark your story as ongoing or completed and change the category
- Improve the general organization and discoverability of your stories with tags and a single category


We’ve also made one more change to help highlight more great stories on Wattpad. Stories previously categorized in two categories (e.g. “Romance” + “Fantasy”) will now be moved to one primary category (e.g. “Romance”). In most cases, your first category is now your primary category. Feel free to change your primary category, but please consult our Content Guidelines if you are confused as to what your category should be.


Frequently Asked Questions

 I have a YA SciFi / Horror / Poetry / Unicorn Love story. What should my story’s category be?

Here are some basic category guidelines:

- Every fanfiction story, whether real-person or alternate universe, should be categorized as Fanfiction. If your story is Fanfiction and Poetry, still categorize it as Fanfiction. If your story is also a Romance or SciFi, add those as tags!

- Same goes with Poetry: no matter the other descriptors of your poetry (except Fanfiction), please keep the primary category as Poetry.

- Similar rules apply to Non-Fiction and Teen Fiction and Short Story (about less than 30 pages). If your story isn’t Fanfiction, but is Non-Fiction and Romance, please keep the category as Non-Fiction. If it is Teen Fiction and Romance, please keep the category as Teen Fiction and add Romance as a tag.

- Other than the rules outlined above, think about what the story is predominantly about. If it is a love story, categorize it as Romance. If it is about funny unicorns, categorize it as Humor.

People won’t be able to find or read my stories anymore. Help!

Having one category will actually make your story more discoverable. Since this change is happening community-wide, the category’s What’s Hot lists will become more organized and some of the previously-hidden stories will now have a chance to make it to the top. Now’s your chance to get your story before the eyes of millions!

In addition, you can make your story more discoverable by adding #tags (keywords). This way, readers can find your story when they search for particular keywords. Go for combined tags instead of ones that break with space -- e.g., try #harrypotter rather than #harry #potter.

Here are some other tips to help readers find your story:

Covers are important and are one of the first gateways to your story. Remember readers are browsing through mobile devices so use large, readable font. Upload or make covers using our Cover Creator app!

Add one photo or YouTube video per chapter, and add a cast if needed.

What are these tags you speak of? And how do I add them?

Tags are keywords you can use so your story shows up when readers search for them on Wattpad. They should be descriptive and add details or subgenres to the story. For example, a story set during the Second World War might be tagged with "history, WWII, war.” You can also use a category as a tag, such as romance, horror, humor or subgenres like dystopian or steampunk.

It should be noted that tags are applied story wide -- meaning that every part will have the same set of tags associated with them.

How do I add tags on web?

- Log into your Wattpad account on the web.

- Go to

- Click "edit" next to one of the stories that you wish to add/remove tags for.

- On the right side of the page you will see a bar where you can write in or remove tags. They only need to be separated by a comma.

- Hit "save" at the bottom of the page to keep these changes.

How do I add tags on mobile?

- Click "Create.”

- Click on your story you’d like to tag.

- Click [...] and select “Story Settings.”

- Add your tags.

I want my story to get more reads overall. When I write, what can I do to make my story more ‘sticky’?

Here are some tips from our seasoned writers:

- Remember to add a story description (plot synopsis). This is your readers’ first entry into your story.

- Keep chapters short (2000 words). Remember that most Wattpadders are on mobile devices and read on-the-go.

- Serialize – post 1-3 new chapters a week. Better yet, maintain a regular posting schedule. Be transparent so your readers know what to expect. In the story description, for example, say “New chapters every Friday!”

- Include a call to action – talk to your readers in the text of the story. Remind them to vote and comment on each chapter, or ask an open-ended question to start a discussion in comments.

- End on a cliffhanger – keep your readers guessing.

What are some social things I could do to build my follower-base?

Again, tips from our seasoned writers:

- Follow other users

- Dedicate your story chapters to fellow Wattpadders

- Reply to comments and comment on other Wattpadders’ stories

- Create Reading Lists

- Annotate your story with in-line comments to encourage more replies and comments

- Make quote art to share on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

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